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Magento Development Services has accommodated millions of e-commerce websites in the virtual world and is the definitive choice for online businesses today.

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PSD to Magento

MDG converts your PSD designs into beautiful, responsive, and SEO-friendly Magento themes with the use of professional Magento Developers to render incredible browsing services on your e-commerce website.

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Hire Magento Developer

You've got a group of pro-Magento eCommerce developers underneath one roof to choose from, based on your requirement on an Hourly, Weekly, or Monthly basis for dedicated hiring.

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Magento 2 App Development

Our experienced consultants oversee the business and technical workshops for requirement collecting and analysis, and to become aware of mobile user structure, mobile app technologies, to create a user-friendly Magento App

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It's All about transforming great ideas into tangible Magento solutions

Make a difference with our expert Magento Developers

Magento is a platform that succeeds in delivering exceptional websites for e-commerce with its focused business logic features. Beyond serving a range of features that enables the full range of functionalities, Magento Website Development also promises to bring huge returns on investment for the investors and exceeds the expectations of the end-users. It scales with the demand and leads to lower maintenance cost, assured quality, and allows future upgrades.

At Magento Developer Group, we provide a full range of Magento development services to match the needs of e-commerce businesses. We are capable of leveraging the full potential of this platform so that the clients can avail e-commerce stores that excel in user interface and user experience.


Our Magento Development Services


Explore the comprehensive range of Magento Website development services we offer


Magento Ecommerce Development

Give your eCommerce business a winning advantage by opting for Magento as a platform for creating your online store


Magento 2 Development

Unleash the power of the Magento 2 version to create feature-rich and performance-oriented eCommerce stores


Upgrade and Migration

Upgrade your store to the latest platform version or migrate an existing online store from any other platform to Magento


Multistore development

Avail reliable maintenance and support services from experts to ensure that your website performs seamlessly at all times


Magento Enterprise Development

As one of the leading Magento partners throughout the globe, MDG has served numerous B2C and B2B brands to get the maximum out of their investment with the use of Magento and leverage this agile platform to improve and expand their consumer reach.

Why Magento?

What makes magento a preferred E-commerce platform


Tailored for E-commerce

Magento comes with a range of built-in features that makes it capable of creating appealing and fully-functional E-commerce websites


Fully customizable

A custom-friendly platform, it enables the enhancement of online stores with features that match the requirements and objectives of the business



It is apt for small, mid-sized, and large businesses that have diverse audience to cater and need stores to match their expectations



Being an SEO-compatible platform, Magento renders stores that can be optimized for search rankings with minimal efforts


Mobile responsiveness

The platform is responsive by design, which means that it caters consistent web experiences irrespective of the device being used


Extensive scalability

A custom-friendly platform, it enables the enhancement of online stores with features that match the requirements and objectives of the business


Easy integration

Magento stores are capable of aligning with the growing needs of evolving businesses in terms of increase incatalog size and web traffic


Multi-store and multi-currency support

With Magento e-commerce platform, you can build multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-language e-commerce websites


About Magento Developer group

Magento is a platform that succeeds in delivering exceptional websites for e-commerce with its focused business logic features. Beyond serving a range features that enables the full range of functionalities, it promises to bring huge returns on investment for the investors and exceeds the expectations of the end users. It scales with the demand and leads to lower maintenance cost, assured quality, and allows future upgrades. At Magento Developer Group, we provide a full range of Magento development services to match the needs of e-commerce businesses.

We trust and follow angile methodology in our magento development services

  • iconWe keep close contact with our clients to pick up a superior conprehension which serves to resolve issues then and there itself.
  • iconOur developer team possess all the inventive freedonw and adopt the ever changing technology to keep pace with the competitors.
  • iconOur developer team believe in flexibility. Each project is new for us and we convey singularity based on the client's requeisites.

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In addition to being open-source in nature, Magento serves a range of features that enables the creation of a visually appealing and functionally robust e-commerce store. It is scalable, flexible, and customizable, making it apt for stores of all sizes. Further, you can trust this platform for creating responsive and SEO-compatible e-commerce websites. It also comes with powerful catalogue management and admin tools for merchants, while assures great shopping experiences for the users.
Magento has emerged as one of the world’s best e-commerce platforms with millions of online stores to its credit. While its open-source nature makes it a cost-effective option, the features and tools that it offers make it an ideal choice for online businesses of all types and sizes. This is a platform that sellers can trust, both in terms of creating stores that deliver high performance and boost revenues as well.
The cost of Magento 2 depends on the fact whether you are opting for development from the scratch or for an upgrade of an existing 1x version store to this version. Once you decide which way to go, the cost is determined on the basis of a variety of factors. These include the edition cost, domain cost, design cost, customization cost, hosting cost, and maintenance cost. The entire factors are to be taken into account while estimating the cost of Magento 2.
For accelerating the loading speed we deploy different speed optimization techniques. These include limiting the HTTP requests, deploying CDN, indexing MySQL table, configuring PHP settings, indexing MySQL table, using Ajax/Lazy Loading and Varnish techniques, and integrating Magento speed optimization extensions.
Yes, we do as we realize that payment gateways are the lifeline for e-commerce businesses. We take care in integrating the most popular payment gateways. We play an advisory role for our clients to help them opt for standard payment gateways and integrate all major ones including PayPal,, etc.,
Yes, it definitely is! Magento is a highly flexible platform which enables the addition of new functionalities effortlessly. Also, it serves innumerable free Magento extensions which can be implemented for this task. As a part of our services, we add new functionalities to an existing Magento store.
Our developers perform Magento migration manually, starting with a data backup and then migrating the data to Magento. The entire migration process is done in stages and its duration varies depending on the amount of data to be migrated and the platform from which it has to be migrated.
Using the Magento platform, Magento Development Companies provide various services for creating and maintaining e-commerce websites.

Building a Website with Magento
The businesses provide services for developing unique, user-friendly, responsive, and conversion-optimized e-commerce websites.

Creating a Theme for Magento
Magento development companies provide Magento theme development services to produce distinctive and aesthetically pleasing themes that complement the client's brand identity.
Development of Magento Extensions
The businesses provide services for creating unique modules that provide the Magento store with more functionality.

Upgrade and Migration for Magento
To assist customers in upgrading their Magento version and moving their websites from other platforms to Magento, Magento development companies offer upgrade and migration services.

Maintenance and Support for Magento
The businesses provide support and maintenance services to keep the Magento shop updated, secure, and functional.

Integration of Magento
Magento Development Companies offer Magento integration services to combine the Magento store with different third-party applications.

The businesses assist customers in planning and strategizing their e-commerce businesses and accomplishing their objectives using the Magento platform.
The following are some things to take into account while choosing a Magento development company:
Knowledge and Experience
Choose a business with a lot of expertise in creating Magento-powered e-commerce websites. Review their case studies and portfolio to learn more about the projects they have worked on and the outcomes they have produced.

Flexibility and Personalization
Be sure the Magento development company can adapt its solutions to your business needs with customization and flexibility.

Sustaining and Maintaining
After the project is delivered, be sure the Magento development company offers sufficient support and maintenance services.

Cost and Accessibility Examine the value proposition and pricing of several Magento development companies. Ensure their competitive value proposition corresponds with your spending plan and business objectives.
A Magento Development Agency can assist with SEO and digital marketing in the following ways:

Technical SEO
A Magento Development Agency can optimize your store's technical features to raise its visibility and search engine ranking.

On-page SEO
The agency can optimize your product and category pages to incorporate pertinent keywords, meta tags, and descriptions that increase your visibility on search engines.

Use of social media
Via sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the firm can assist in creating and implementing a social media marketing strategy that increases traffic and interaction to your Magento store.

Paid Promotion
To bring targeted traffic to your Magento store, the agency can assist with setting up and managing paid advertising campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
Most e-commerce websites need to integrate third-party tools and services, and a Magento development company can assist you in doing it without any hassle. A Magento development company can assist with third-party integration in the following ways:

Integration with Payment Gateways
To facilitate safe and simple online transactions, a Magento development company may assist you with integrating payment gateways with your Magento store.

Delivery Integration
The firm can assist you in integrating shipping companies with your Magento store so that you can provide your customers with real-time shipping quotes and tracking data.

Integrating CRM
The agency can assist you in streamlining your sales and customer service procedures by integrating your Magento store with CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot.

Integration of Marketing Automation
To automate your email marketing campaigns and increase consumer interaction, the agency can assist you in integrating marketing automation platforms with your Magento stores.

Integration of Inventory Management To control your stock levels and streamline your fulfillment procedures, the agency can assist you with integrating inventory management platforms with your Magento store.
To connect your theme with your sales objectives, a Magento development company can assist you in several ways, including:

Layout and Design
To complement your brand's image and values and to create a user-friendly shopping experience that promotes conversions, the agency can modify the look and feel of your Magento theme.

Optimization of the Call to Action (CTA)
Your CTAs, like buttons, banners, and pop-ups, can be optimized by the agency to boost sales and conversions. It can involve positioning CTAs in key areas, employing persuading wording, and doing A/B tests to determine which CTAs are the most effective.

Optimizing Checkout
The company can streamline your checkout procedure to increase conversion rates and lower cart abandonment rates. It can entail streamlining the check-out procedure, enabling guest checkout, and improving the payment and delivery options.

Page Optimization for Products
The firm may enhance your product pages to give buyers all the details to complete a transaction. It can contain top-notch product photos, thorough product descriptions, client testimonials, and ideas for related products.
The following are some justifications for selecting Magento over WooCommerce:
WooCommerce is less scalable than Magento, making it a better option for bigger organizations with many transactions and complicated product catalogs.
Unlike WooCommerce, Magento has more customization choices, making building a distinctive and custom e-commerce website that suits your company's demands simpler.
For managing massive volumes of data and intricate product catalogs, Magento is known to be faster and more dependable than WooCommerce.
Security is a top priority for Magento, and the platform provides cutting-edge security features, including PCI compliance, two-factor authentication, and encryption of critical data.
Capacity for Several Stores
Magento's multi-store functionality lets you control several online shops from a single admin interface.
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