10 Magento Development Trends for Merchants to Consider in 2021

Magento Development Trends
10 Magento Development Trends for Merchants to Consider in 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and even 2021 continues to challenge us further.  Lockdowns and social distancing norms have compelled people to work remotely and become homebodies. This has led to a sharp surge in the use of eCommerce websites during the global pandemic. In such a situation, having an eCommerce website has become inevitable to ensure business continuity. The Magento 2 platform provides a solid foundation for successful eCommerce stores. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way how merchants and retailers used to sell products and services. They are now waiting eagerly for the latest Magento development trends for 2021. In this blog post, we have discussed the top Magento development trends for online merchants to consider in 2021. Let’s take a look!

Top 10 Magento Development Trends for 2021

1. Voice-based Commerce

With the explosion of smart speakers and assistants, 20% of online customers are using these devices to shop online. This figure is expected to increase to 50% within the next year. These days voice search is gaining a lot of popularity. According to a report, voice search-based online shopping is expected to increase to $40 billion in 2022. So, eCommerce business owners need to now focus on exploring opportunities with voice search.

Artificial intelligence and smart features will eventually transform internet browsing and online shopping. Thus, voice search is seen as one of the hottest Magento development trends for eCommerce.  You can add Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants with new enhancements, optimize your content for voice searches, and facilitate a simple flow-through voice search to buy products.

You can hire Magento developers who can help you optimize your content and make your site voice search-ready.

2. Chatbots in Ecommerce

The popularity of chatbots has increased in 2020 and will continue to increase in 2021 as well. The use of chatbots in eCommerce has helped business owners to acquire and retain new customers and convert them into loyal customers. Integrating chatbots in your eCommerce store not only helps you increase customer engagement but also boosts their satisfaction.

With Magento eCommerce development, you’re already ahead of the game as the platform provides many plugins and extensions with chatbot and AI integration. Moreover, AI-enabled personalized shopping is gaining a lot of popularity and merchants can see this as one of the most promising Magento development trends for 2021 to enhance their store experience.

3. AR/VR Based Shopping

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are revolutionary technologies that are changing the ways how online customers used to shop earlier. The combination of AR and VR increases retailer’s reach to new customers. With an AR and VR-based shopping experience, virtual testing of products will encourage customers to purchase the products. Integrating AR and VR technologies into Magento stores is one more of the cutting-edge Magento development trends for 2021.

4. Personalized Push Notifications

Personalized push notifications can significantly reduce cart abandonment rate and bounce rate on your site. Moreover, it can re-excite customers and direct them to their carts. Optimizing your web push notifications can help you increase your sales, reduce advertising costs, increase profits, and improve behavioral factors to rank on the search engines. Magento offers numerous solutions for integrating instant messages. With Magento 2 development, you can effortlessly enable web push notifications using PushAlert.

5. Headless Commerce

Headless commerce is gaining a lot of traction. The technology involved in headless eCommerce offers greater flexibility and agility to improve the overall online shopping experience, especially mobile experience. Headless commerce facilitates the integration of applications and websites with automation business systems like CRM or ERP.

Your marketing team can push Magento 2 development trends, run special offers, change prices, and create live updates without the assistance of Magento 2 developers.

6. Creation of Consumer-centric B2B Experience

Creating a personalized B2B experience is another major Magento development trend that is gaining popularity these days. If you’re looking to create a consumer-centric business-to-business experience, then Magento eCommerce development is a cost-effective way to do so.

Here the features that you can include to make B2B consumer-centric.

  • Enhancing the user experience
  • Focusing on new customer acquisition
  • Creating and running B2B customer loyalty programs
  • A personalized experience for B2B customers
  • Building faster marketplaces
  • Faster order fulfillment for B2B customers
  • Implementing rewards and referral programs
  • Offering transaction-based discounts
  • Focusing on multi-channel selling
  • Accelerated mobile commerce

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can help eCommerce business owners to predict trends and then optimize the required logistics to set prizes and create personalized promotions. Google Duplex is an AI-enabled digital assistance tool that can create grocery lists and place orders as well. Likewise, the Amazon Dash button can make common purchases with the help of a reordering service.

With AI integration, customer service becomes more efficient, automated, and hassle-free. Conversational AI tools can simulate human-like interactions to respond quickly which ensures quick turnaround time. Also, such tools reduce the errors in customer complaints.

Using a combination of AI and chatbots in eCommerce helps you offer 24×7 round-the-clock customer service and stay ahead. Furthermore, artificial intelligence integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you collect extensive customer data that can be used for future predictions. By analyzing a customer’s past searches and purchases, you can enhance the customer’s shopping experience positively.

If you’re looking to integrate AI into your Magento store and other systems, our fervent team of Magento developers is here to help.

8. Social Commerce

Social media is undoubtedly the strongest and one of the most effective ways for eCommerce businesses to humanize themselves. Social integration with online stores can help you establish a remarkable online presence. Your Magento store’s marketing team should consider focusing on accelerating social commerce.

You should now focus more on

  • Generating social media leads to improve web traffic.
  • Giving product authority and increasing brand awareness.
  • Create a personalized conversation between your social media fans and your brand.
  • Take help from a Magento 2 development company for social media marketing.

9. Create a Marketplace

Magento eCommerce development allows you to create a marketplace that is useful for shoppers who are looking for various options and making the best purchases. According to a McKinsey report, it is predicted that B2B platforms will make up to 30% of the world’s revenue. Currently, 100 online eCommerce websites are selling $1.8 trillion every year.

10. Mobile Commerce

According to a report by Statista, mCommerce had 58.9% in eCommerce sales in 2017 but in 2021 that figure increased to $3.5 trillion which accounts for three-quarters of all retail sales. By the end of 2020, some marketplaces have reached up to 80%.

By building a mobile application, an eCommerce business can connect better with their customers and offer them an easy and convenient mobile shopping experience. Magento eCommerce development allows you to create mobile sites and applications to help you drive more customers and take your store experience to the next level.

You may get in touch with our Magento 2 development team if you need to create a Magento mobile app or website.

Wrapping Up

Every new year comes with new trends, developments, and technologies. So, it’s not necessary that you need to incorporate all the new trends at once. It will be quite expensive and there are higher chances of making mistakes. However, being aware of new Magento development trends for 2021 and implementing them if possible can help you stay ahead of the competition.

As a leading Magento 2 development company, we offer reliable Magento support for any kind of requirement related to your Magento store. You may contact us anytime with your requirements and we’ll provide you with the best-fit solution.

Frequently Asked Question

 Q.1. What is the future of Magento?

Although Magento faces tough competition with Shopify, it still has a strong future. As Adobe has acquired the Magento platform, it has given a massive boost to Magento. Also, Magento developers release regular updates and patches that make the platform very secured. So, in 2021, Magento will regain more users.

Q.2. Can you help me convert my eCommerce store into Magento 2 B2B marketplace?

Yes, of course. We have successfully converted existing eCommerce websites into a powerful Magento 2 B2B marketplace for our global clients.

Q.3. Do you provide post-development Magento support?

Yes, we provide Magento support for a limited period of time after we hand over the project to our clients. However, we also offer affordable Magento support and maintenance packages to help you keep your Magento store up and running all the time.

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