10 Reasons That You Should Opt For Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps

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10 Reasons That You Should Opt For Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps

The popularity of mobile e-commerce experiences has grown immensely over the last decade, but the web still holds its place. The reason is that online shoppers spend more time on the desktop version of the e-commerce store. Even though you must invest in an m-commerce app for your business, you cannot give lesser value to the website. At the same time, mobile apps may be challenging, considering the competition they face and the complexities of development and maintenance.

Progressive Web Apps surge ahead as an excellent choice if you want to bring together the best web and mobile for your business. Essentially, a PWA is a web application that gives the feel of an app. The users will not find such apps on the app store and neither will they need to download them. They can search and store them on the mobile home screen. With this, sellers get great opportunities to bring in more smartphone buyers as things become much simpler when they need not download the app to access the e-store.

How do PWAs work for Magento merchants?

If you are running an e-commerce store on Magento or Magento 2, you can make a smart decision by opting for a PWA as an alternative to a Magento app. When first-time visitors access the site, they will be invited to add the PWA on their home screen with a single click. Once they do so, the store’s icon will appear on their home screen and they will just need to click it when they want to access the store subsequently. What they get is a website that offers an app-like experience!!
There are more reasons for e-commerce merchants to adopt the PWA approach for Magento 2 development. Let’s check them out:

1. These apps are economical as the development cost is lesser than native apps and they can be implemented using the existing web framework without any additional programming languages and technologies.
2. They are cross-platform just like any other website, which makes them more flexible and versatile.
3.PWAs are capable of running without internet connectivity. The users can access the already used data though they cannot open any new data.
4. They support the feature of push notifications, which is typically available only to app users rather than those who use websites to shop online.
5. High speed is another feature that favors investment in progressive apps as faster-loading websites promise better shopping experiences for the customers.
6. Having a PWA for your Magento 2 store makes you easily discoverable on the internet as search engines and browsers are able to identify them.
7. Progressive web apps are less resource-intensive as compared to mobile apps as they need not be downloaded and take no memory space on the devices.
8. They are responsive in nature so that they run seamlessly irrespective of the device being used to access them.
9. They are far simpler to use as the user does not even need to search through the app store to reach them.
10. They always serve fresh content as they get updated every time the customer uses them, unlike native apps that need to be updated from time to time.


Considering the numerous benefits that PWAs offer for businesses, it is advisable to invest in them. If you are planning to do so, you would need to hire a professional Magento developer for the job. At Magento Developer Group, we cater for a full range of services to build scalable, secure, and feature-rich Magento stores to fulfil diverse business needs.

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