10 Tactics To Boost Conversions For Your Magento E-Commerce Store

10 Tactics To Boost Conversions For Your Magento E-Commerce Store
10 Tactics To Boost Conversions For Your Magento E-Commerce Store

E-commerce is a business niche that has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past decade. The competition runs high and sellers look for ideas to beat their rivals and capture the buyers’ attention. Having an impactful e-commerce store is one part of the picture and the choice of the right platform is a decision that makes a world of difference. For this reason, a large number of sellers have invested in Magento development Services because the platform is enriched with a wide range of powerful functionalities.

Once you have a rich online store ready, you have to look at the other part of the picture. It encompasses bringing in potential customers and enticing them to purchase from your Magento store. Boosting conversions for your business can be quite challenging considering the efforts that need to be put in. However, some tactics can be applied to propel the conversion rates and bring in more revenues for your Magento store effectively.

1. Offer self-explanatory product descriptions

Start by having self-explanatory product descriptions on the store as they serve clear and concise information to convince the buyers to buy. Additionally, relevant content is capable of attracting more traffic with higher SERP rankings, which also supports the SEO strategy for your online selling business.

2. Make an impact with product images

E-commerce selling is all about making a visual impact and nothing does this better than using the right images in the right way. Focus on an attractive Magento e-commerce design with clear images that are placed in an appealing layout.

3. Check acceptance with A/B testing

Another effective tip for getting more conversions is to thoroughly test the store with A/B testing. Instead of integrating changes onto the live website, opt for variants based on different changes and test them by viewing the incoming traffic. The metrics can be compared to identify the version that generates the highest traffic and conversions and implemented thereafter.

4. Leverage the power of social

Social channels play a significant role in e-commerce selling as they not only popularize the products but also build trust for the brand. The right use of these channels can drive conversions substantially in the long run. They can be leveraged using diverse strategies such as posting ratings and reviews online and sharing client testimonials socially.

5. Simplify the checkout process

The checkout process is another factor that has a far-reaching impact on the conversion rate of the store. You can modify it to provide an easy shopping experience with minimum form-filling and fewer steps. The one-step checkout with Magento 2 is a widely preferred measure that is being used these days. You can improve the checkout experience by implementing additional elements such as multiple shipping/payment options, custom order attributes, and the display of information during each step of checkout.

6. Optimize the Performance

Compromised performance and slow loading speed can have an adverse influence on conversions and sales. A majority of customers tend to leave the site if it takes more than a few seconds to load. Therefore, speed optimization is another crucial element of the conversion-boosting strategy.

7. Gear up for mobile too

The popularity of m-commerce has made it essential to have the e-commerce store optimized for mobile. The responsive Magento themes enable the sellers to take the mobile-first approach and reach a larger audience base to enhance the conversion rate for their business.

8. Manage shipping costs

Another secret to becoming bigger in the online niche is to manage your shipping costs effectively. Elevated shipping costs lead the customers away as they add to the product costs in an unexpected manner, leading to an increase in cart abandonment towards the end of checkout. While free shipping may not be feasible for every order, you can definitely try to resolve this pain point by limiting the shipping fee.

9. Highlight the return and refund policy

Returns and refunds make the biggest hindrance to e-commerce selling as many customers fail to convert because they are not sure about them. Having a clear return and refund policy that is explicitly mentioned on the website earns the buyers’ trust and encourages them to complete the transactions.

10. Retarget the abandoned carts

Another effective tactic to boost conversion is to retarget the customers who were almost there but abandoned their carts due to one reason or another. Targeted offers and reminder emails make a great way to capture their attention and bring them back to complete the purchase. Similarly, you should have a close look at the store’s UI and UX to identify and resolve the reasons for cart abandonment.

Conversions are truly the health indicators for an online store and a seller needs to ensure that they are well looked after. The adoption of these tactics is capable of propelling the conversion rate and taking the business to the next level. At Magento US, we are a reputed Magento development agency that boasts extensive platform expertise along with rich e-commerce experience. You can avail of our expert services for building a high-performance e-commerce store and managing it for hefty business revenues.

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