12 Secret Tips to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

12 Secret Tips to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store
12 Secret Tips to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

More traffic means more conversions and more sales! No matter how attractive your website looks, how you showcase your offerings, or how effective your SEO strategy is, if you do not optimize your conversion rate, all your efforts will go in vain. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses, especially eCommerce businesses, to take the necessary measures to optimize the conversion rate to boost sales on eCommerce stores. If you want to improve your conversion, then building a Magento 2 store can surely help you to a great extent. As a leading Magento 2 development company, we have strong expertise and experience in handling all the conversion killers and optimizing the conversion rate of your Magento store to help you boost your eCommerce sales.

But, before we jump directly into the topic, let’s first understand the basics of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization helps in increasing the rate of your sales on your site, which is technically known as conversion. If someone visits your store, he should be engaged in such a way that he is encouraged to buy, and this is how he converts into a customer. A Data Analyst checks how much traffic your website drives and how many people actually make a purchase.

You can increase your conversion rate on your Magento store by employing the right strategies and techniques for optimization and grow your business. This process of improving conversion rate is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

CRO helps you identify which tools to avoid in digital marketing, which areas need improvement, and what should be involved in your Magento website. To achieve the best results, you should first set some goals for your site. By simply following your business competitors blindly won’t bring any good to your site. You must understand that every business is unique and that it requires a unique approach to everything. Therefore, to increase your conversion rate, you should consider different aspects and ways to improve your business profile and the platform that you have chosen to run your eCommerce business.

If you’re involved in Magento website development and worried about how to increase the conversion rate of the Magento eCommerce store, then you’re at the right place! This post guides you through important steps that you need to take to optimize and increase the conversion rate in your Magento 2 store.

How to Calculate the Conversion Rate?

Here’s the manual formula to calculate your conversion rate:

Conversion rate = (conversions/total visitors) x 100%

For example: If 50,000 potential customers visit your site in a month, and 5,000 of them place orders successfully, then the conversion rate of your online store will be calculated as (5,000/50,000) x 100% = 10%

Pro Tips to Optimize Conversion Rate of Your Magento Store

Improve Product Description

No one likes to read a long product description. Make your product description more effective by providing short, organized, and valuable information encouraging visitors to make a purchase decision. This will surely result in better conversions.

You can also improve your store’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and make sure that you clarify most of your shoppers’ questions and concerns. This will help you retain your customers and create a positive impression of your store in their minds. This is a great way to convert prospectively. You can also upload product attachments to add weightage to the product page’s content.

Upload High-quality Images and Videos

 In online shopping, customers largely rely on images and videos on the website to see how the products look. Therefore, you must use high-quality images and videos of your products to strengthen their willingness to purchase from your store. You can also create albums so that your customers can view and make a purchase decision. Magento 2 Image gallery is an ideal solution that lets you create unlimited albums with multiple product images and videos.

Provide Review and Rating Option

According to research, nearly 81% of people read reviews before making a purchase decision. You must add a section for product review and ratings where customers can submit and shopping experience with your store or vendor. This helps to gain the trust of your potential customers as they get a better idea of your products or services. If you’re running a Magento 2 store, then you can get Product Reviews plugins or extensions from the Magento Marketplace. The extension works seamlessly with interactive reviewing features allowing customers to write reviews that the store admin can easily keep track of.

Offer Free Shipping

High shipping costs are one of the major reasons why eCommerce sites experience a higher cart abandonment rate. “Free” is a simple psychological trick that has the power to attract more potential customers. More than half of online merchants offer free shipping services, be it with or without terms and conditions applied. To keep your resources intact, you can rationally increase product prices to handle your shipping cost.

The Magento Marketplace offers a variety of extensions related to Free Shipping. You can use an optimal tool to enlarge your customers’ shopping cart while attracting them with free shipping offers.

Offer Secret and Limited-time Code

When making the final checkout, customers simply love if they know that their orders are qualified for coupon codes including discounts offers on the selected products or shipping fees. You can create coupon codes with terms and conditions and for a limited time only. Secret coupon codes for special customers explain the benefits of multiple special purchases, and with a deadline, it creates a sense of urgency which provokes customers to quickly grab the deal.

With Magento 2 development, you can automate the creation of coupon codes and operate using useful tools such as email or additional confidential links. You can do everything using Magento 2 coupon extensions that quickly generated codes on-site, or send codes via emails or secret coupon links.

Use Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment is a common situation for every eCommerce business, but who wins this eCommerce game are the ones who chase these abandoned carts. Cart abandonment means the loss of customers at the checkout process. However, you can significantly reduce the cart abandonment rate by collecting customer emails during the final checkout step. This way, you can follow up with your customers via emails and remind them to come back to your site and complete their purchases.

With Magento website development, you have a cart abandonment extension that sends automatic cart abandonment reminder emails to your customers.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Platforms

With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website is the need of the hour for every business, especially the eCommerce business. Since the majority of the worldwide population prefers to shop online with mobile devices, eCommerce businesses cannot afford to miss this valuable opportunity to increase conversions.

Mobile-friendly websites will definitely improve users’ browsing experience because of the convenience of mobile shopping. This allows them to stay longer on your site and make a purchase on-the-go.

When you hire Magento 2 developers, you get a mobile-friendly website that works flawlessly on multiple mobile platforms and devices. You can even convert your Magento sites into Magento Progressive Web Apps for a more enhanced shopping experience.

Make Your CTA Buttons More Effective

Your CTA buttons like ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ should be prominent and well-placed to deliver a seamless shopping experience. Effective CTA buttons help you make your customers the desired actions on your site and make a final purchase. This way, you can significantly boost your conversion rate and increase revenue.

Using tools like Ajax Cart or Quick View Pop-up helps you improve user experience and conversions.

Offer Personalized Shopping Experience

To retain and engage your customers, you can customize your website content, products/services, visuals, emails, etc. to match their tastes and preferences. Customers would prefer if online stores remember their contact and purchase information, and expect to receive personalized service that offers only value. This is more essential in the checkout step where all customer info is collected and then an archive of their data gets automatically filled in checkout forms for the next purchase.

With Magento website development, you get to add this feature with Magento 2 One-step Checkout extension that aims at delivering personalized service.

A personalized shopping experience can retain your customers on your site and strengthen your trade relationship, allowing businesses to boost recurring conversions and improve overall conversion rates.

Use Live Chats

Live chat is an effective tool that both customers and businesses can benefit from it. Investing in live chat software improves customer service quality with reduced effort, time, and expenses while providing customers with convenient customer service.

However, you need to ensure that live chat is used only when sufficient staff is available during business working hours to provide prompt responses whenever customers drop in their queries. You can hire Magento 2 developers to help you integrate live chat extensions into your Magento site to improve your customer service and response rate.

Customers appreciate companies that are prompt enough to address their queries and concerns. This creates a positive impression in their minds about your service as they feel valued. And, when a customer feels valued, they are more likely to buy items from your site.

Simple and Easy Checkout Process

Provide all checkout information on one page as it allows customers to checkout easily with just in few mouse clicks. This gives customers a better category navigation experience. Moreover, a one-step checkout form improves page loading speed which significantly carts abandonment rate, n comparison to the multiple-page checkout process.

You can use the One-Step Checkout Process extension for Magento 2 to simplify your checkout process.

Run Constant Testing

Customers prefer to shop from sites that are secure and deliver a seamless shopping experience even at peak hours. Therefore, you must ensure your website is running optimally always. You can even implement new ideas to enhance your brand identity and bring uniqueness to the competition in the market. However, not every idea is adaptive. Therefore, you must conduct regular testing to evaluate which ideas work best for your customers and business. You can use customers’ responses and feedback to tweak your sites accordingly.

You may approach a Magento website development company to get your eCommerce website revamped and tested for any flaws that might affect the shopping experience.


This list is not limited to the above-mentioned optimization tips. You can always test and try to see which way works best to drive conversions to your Magento 2 store. If you’re looking to improve your conversion rate, you can hire Magento 2 developers from us for personalized conversion rate optimization service for your Magento 2 store. We will eliminate all the conversion killers from your Magento 2 store to help you drive more customers, conversions, and ultimately more revenue.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1. Is Magento is good for eCommerce?

Magento is the most preferred eCommerce development platform as it offers out-of-the-box features, high-end support and security, SEO functionality, scalability, and greater flexibility. With Magento website development, you also get a huge number of powerful extensions that help you enhance your Magento 2 store’s functionality to deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Q.2. How to speed up Magento 2 site?

To speed up your Magento 2 site, you can use a full-page cache, Varnish, and enable flat tables. You should also minify CSS and JS files, optimize large-sized images, and use a reliable CDN if possible. You can use Elasticsearch for catalog and search. Using Redis can be useful for page cache and session storage. By implementing all these techniques, you can easily optimize your Magento 2 site for fast speed and performance. If you need professional Magento 2 development services, you can hire Magento 2 developers from us.

Q.3. Can you help me convert my Magento 2 website into a Magento marketplace?

Yes, surely. Our experienced Magento 2 development team can help you convert your Magento 2 site into a scalable, user-friendly, and fully-functional Magento marketplace.

Have More Questions? Feel Free to Ask Our Magento 2 specialists right away!

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