5 Effective Tips to Optimize Your Magento Site for Voice Search

Effective Tips to Optimize Your Magento Site for Voice Search
5 Effective Tips to Optimize Your Magento Site for Voice Search

The world’s leading eCommerce platforms like Magento are known because of their frequent upgrades to support new and innovative technologies. Voice search technology is gaining momentum at a fast pace. Integrating this technology with websites helps provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Magento 2 comes with rich, extensive features and functionalities. If you want to make your Magento store ready for voice-based search, then here we are with 5 effective tips to optimize your Magento site for voice searches.

If you do not have any expertise or experience in Magento 2 optimization, then you may hire Magento developers from us to get it done correctly.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a search technique that allows consumers to search the Internet, a website, or an application using a voice command instead of typing a single word. The popularity of voice search is increasing exponentially and has become a game-changer in the search industry. It’s because it provides the ease of use and seamless integration of voice search technology in the latest products and smart devices. As more and more people are using mobile devices and virtual assistant AI technology such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, etc., this is going to transform how users search for information on websites, mobile apps, the Internet completely.

This is why many websites and store owners are opting for Magento 2 development services to make their store or website voice-search ready.

How to Optimize Your Magento Site for Voice Search?

1. Proper Keyword Research

Keywords help you rank higher in the search engine results and get noticed by your potential customers. Therefore, you must carry out proper research, especially on long-tail keywords that are highly relevant and have lower competition as compared to high volume search terms.

For proper keyword research, you must first understand your target audience searching for your products, services, and content. There are several free and paid online SEO tools that can help you find the most relevant search terms and their volumes for your website.

Next, you need to identify and choose the high search volume keywords on which your competitors are not ranking. Include these keywords in your content to answer questions related to your products. This will help you optimize your Magento site for voice search and text-based search.

As part of our Magento 2 development services, we perform comprehensive keyword research and use the relevant keywords in the content to rank your website higher in Google’s SERPs.

2. Use Natural Language

As per Google, 70% of voice requests to Google Assistant are made in natural language instead of the usual search terms used in a traditional web search. Therefore, you need to identify those long-tail and conversational search queries that your potential customers are using when performing a voice search.

To analyze these keywords and phrases, you need to study how users ask questions in online forums or social media groups that are specific to your business. By doing this, you will get an idea of how they are most likely to search for your product or service on your Magento website or store. Using natural and conversational language in your website content can significantly improve your ranking in voice-based search results.

3. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

The massive usage of smartphones and mobile devices has led to a high volume of voice-based search queries. According to 2020 voice search reports, 20% of searches on a mobile device were voice-based searches and 25% of the queries on Android-based devices were also verbal.

Therefore, your Magento website must be mobile-friendly and accessible on all devices.  This involves selecting responsive and flexible web design, ensuring faster page load speed and times, optimizing your content, images, and videos, and other key processes to improve your website ranking for voice-based search queries. You may even create Magento mobile apps to offer a seamless mobile shopping experience to your customers.

After you’ve done everything to build a mobile-friendly Magento site, you can use online tools such as Google page speed insights and Webpage test to check the mobile responsiveness and performance of your website. These tools will not only provide comprehensive reports but also offer suggestions on how to improve your website’s performance on desktop as well as mobile devices.

You may hire Magento developers to avail of our top-quality Magento 2 optimization services.

4. Focus on Location-based Voice Search

Customers are more likely to perform search queries for businesses or service providers within their proximity. Therefore, in order to get noticed by your potential customers, you need to optimize your Magento site for local voice-based searches.

For this, you need to create an effective local SEO strategy that typically involves adding and updating your correct and complete business details to your Google My Business listing, mentioning accurate and updated business hours, verifying your business locations, managing and responding to customer reviews, uploading high-quality images and optimizing your site’s locator page for local search.

In this way, you increase the chances of your Magento website getting noticed by users who conduct a location-based voice search query related to your products or services.

As a professional Magento website development company, we offer effective and result-driven digital marketing services for Magento sites and stores to help them rank higher in search engine results. Our team of Magento 2 experts focuses on local search keywords and phrases and uses them in your content for better ranking.

5. Try to Grab Google’s Coveted Featured Snippet Box

A featured snippet is shown on the top of Google’s search engine result page. It is a quick answer box that gives a direct answer to a search query and contains the site’s page title and URL. Featured snippets have a major impact on SEO for regular text-based as well as voice-based search. Google keeps the snippet in position zero (0) or zero rank above other search result listings, making it crucial for voice search as they answer voice-based search queries.

If the snippet is related to the voice search query, the voice system will read the snippet as well as the website where the result came from to the online searcher. Therefore, you must aim for attaining Google’s coveted featured snippet box.

As an experienced Magento website development company, we can help you create content for your website that can help you achieve the zero rank on Google’s search engine result pages.

Useful Tips to Optimize Your Magento Site for Featured Snippet

  • Search for a query that you want to rank in the search results and evaluate the type of featured snippet Google is displaying. Based on if it is a paragraph, table, or list featured snippet, you can create content that matches that specific query and is optimized to rank to that type of snippet.
  • Add eye-catchy meta descriptions and meta tags.
  • Organize your web content using clean code and make sure to use proper tags for headings, lists, and tables. Place the questions included in your content in an H2 or H3 tag and have an appropriate answer written below these headings. Make sure to enclose your answers in paragraph tags and between 54-58 words long. Also ensure you indicate where the appropriate answer is placed in your post by using phrases such as ‘here are’, ‘start with’, ‘follow these steps, etc.
  • Publish your pages or posts, track, and monitor the performance of those pages and their contents. If you’re unable to drive the desired results, you need to make a few minor adjustments. For this, you need to track the content type Google is surfacing and organize your content according to that.

You may approach our top-notch Magento 2 development team for the required assistance at any time.

Final Thought

Voice search is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Integrating voice activation hunt capabilities to your Magento website or store can offer wide accessibility, speedy search, and great convenience to customers.

If you want to incorporate this amazing technology into your Magento store, you can hire Magento developers from us who will do the needful to make your website optimized for both text-based and voice searches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What causes my Magento site to run slow by default?

Your Magento site may have low performance because of the lack of server or hosting resources. The performance of your Magento store greatly depends on the server you choose. Other than that, there are many other reasons that cause the slow performance of your Magento store. These may also include images and videos that are not optimized well. Get in touch with our Magento 2 development team to know the main reasons behind the slow performance of your Magento store.

Q.2. Will you help me promote my Magento store on all digital channels?

Yes, of course. As a part of our Magento development services, we offer result-oriented digital marketing services to get your store to achieve higher positions in Google’s SERPs.

Q.3. Is Magento good for SEO?

Magento is one of the best eCommerce solutions for eCommerce SEO. It is enriched with resources and features to increase your store’s ranking in organic search results. It also focuses on key factors like user experience or independent product links, H1s, titles, and page URLs, which are important for increasing your website’s ranking.

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