9 Striking Features of Magento Enterprise 2.1 You Must Know

9 Striking Features of Magento Enterprise 2.1 You Must Know
9 Striking Features of Magento Enterprise 2.1 You Must Know

eCommerce platforms emerged as the biggest savior of businesses at the peak of the pandemic. Even the most traditional brick-and-mortar businesses had to move online. It made clear the role of digital commerce as an antidote to unexpected disruptions. With independent retailers and top CTOs turning more open-minded to tech, the business world is undergoing rapid changes. And times like these need advanced solutions for your online business. That’s we’ll talk about the Magento Enterprise 2.1 eCommerce platform.

Building the right eCommerce solutions is more crucial than ever now. For creating a cutting-edge online store, you need the right combination of human ingenuity and tech solutions. Most businesses hire Magento developers to create custom eCommerce solutions. The advanced version of the platform, Magento Enterprise, offers unique features. From mobile-first design and customer segmentation, and inventory management, Magento transforms everything.

Top Features of the Magento Enterprise 2.1 Edition 

Magento Enterprise 2 transforms your online business in more ways than one. Whether you need a B2C or B2B eCommerce solution, Magento enterprise development covers all your needs.

Intuitive online store

With Magento enterprise development, you can have an eCommerce site that ensures intuitive shopping experiences on all devices. Magento has in-built themes and templates that make your site incredibly responsive. Also, your eCommerce design team can adjust how menus, images, and checkout functionalities appear and behave in your store.

Whether a prospective shopper visits your online store from a desktop, mobile, or tablet, they’d have the same immersive shopping experience. Magento Enterprise is designed to be SEO-friendly and touch-friendly. It makes the shopping experience even better.

Frictionless user experience

Magento Enterprise 2.1 enables advanced features like customer segmentation. These capabilities let you create an exceptionally immersive online shopping experience. Online merchants can significantly boost conversions using capabilities like dynamic content display, specific pricing, enticing promotions, and more.

Customer segmentation, for example, enables you to set pricing based on parameters like location, gender, and order history, among other things. You can also target unknown site visitors using their product search history.

Efficient merchandising 

Magento Enterprise 2.1 allows you to arrange products with simple drag-and-drop functionality. It helps you optimize product category management and drive sales. Merchants can also use sorting rules like ordering products by best sellers, color, highest margin, or newest additions. You can save time by setting rules to automatically assign products.

Merchandising management capabilities allow online retailers to save time by automating repetitive tasks. For instance, you can automate the task of assigning products to specific categories. It could be based on such attributes as the brand, price, or date of creation, among others.

In-built Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful, and analytical search engine. It offers suggestions when customers misspell product searches. Elasticsearch dramatically increases the chances of finding even if the search words are not accurate.

With Magento Enterprise, you get integrated Elasticsearch features. You can set up fast deployment and support in 33 languages. Besides, your online store can suggest the correct product name, synonyms and rectify misspellings. Merchants can effortlessly manage product search functionalities using the Elasticsearch capabilities. Elasticsearch also enables synonyms management using the Magento Admin dashboard.

Flexible deployment options

Magento Enterprise allows you to deploy the eCommerce solution in different environments. You can choose the deployment environment that suits you. Merchants can choose from cloud-based deployment, third-party hosting, and on-premises solutions. 

Additionally, the Enterprise Cloud Edition offers rapid deployment of a deeply customizable eCommerce solution. Using the right Magento enterprise development approach you can build a secure, scalable, and responsive storefront. You can easily rely on services like AWS cloud services.

Hassle-free content management 

Content plays a pivotal role in convincing visitors to purchase from your site. Magento Enterprise offers cutting-edge CMS capabilities. Using these functionalities, you can seamlessly create content previews and schedule updates. The CMS features also help you ensure a flawless shopping experience by optimizing the response time and impact of content. 

Magento Enterprise comes with a feature-rich CMS dashboard to manage all content-related activities. With Magento development services, you can get the most advanced eCommerce capabilities for enhancing content and online visibility.

Powerful admin capabilities

Magento Enterprise features an exceptionally efficient and intuitive Admin UI. The solution features a dashboard that enables you to have a seamless overview of your business. You can monitor everything, including sales, orders, product search, and best-selling brands, among other things. 

The admin panel offers enhanced navigation and quick configuration to save different views of orders. You can also get personalized customer management screens and other operational activities.

Future-ready eCommerce

Magento 2 uses the most advanced eCommerce development technologies. It relies on web and software development technologies like LAMP stack – Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, and PHP that enables a Magento 2 development company to build a flawless solution. Using these technologies are incredibly important due to the ever-growing expectations of online shoppers.

Newly integrated features of Magento 2 like the PWA Studio are designed for the future of eCommerce. Besides, the core capabilities of the platform such as scalability, flexibility, and security make your online store ready for a dynamic market.

Reliable tech support 

Prompt technical support is one of the top benefits of choosing Magento Enterprise. Magento offers 24×7 tech support and quickly resolves all your issues and queries. By choosing Magento 2 development services, you subscribe to incredibly trustworthy tech support services.

Besides, Magento Enterprise customers get dedicated account managers who understand your business and provide personalized solutions and guidance.

Wrapping up

The Magento Enterprise Edition facilitates you to create a customer-friendly and disruption-proof online store. The highly evolved capabilities of Magento Enterprise give your business competitive agility, flawless performance, and enhance sales. At Magento Developer Group, we have a team of experience-focused developers to build the right solution for you. Over the years, we have helped numerous businesses quickly climb up the ladder of eCommerce using enterprise-grade software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a Magento online store?

The costs of making a Magento online store vary widely, depending on your needs. If you need a simple online store with basic features and a storefront, costs are comparatively lower. Magento Developer Group makes reliable eCommerce mobile apps at a competitive price.

How long does it take to develop a Magento online store?

There’s no predefined time for developing a Magento online store. It varies widely depending on the features of the solution and its design. The best way to know an estimated time is to consult development experts.

What is the difference between Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise?

Magento Commerce, previously known as Magento Enterprise Edition, is designed for large enterprises that require premium support levels and a broader set of functionalities. Magento Open Source (or Magento Community) has a license fee and offers comparatively limited support services.

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