Why AWS Serves As The Best Choice For Magento Cloud Hosting

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Why AWS Serves As The Best Choice For Magento Cloud Hosting

Running an e-commerce store is a challenging job, particularly when it comes to delivering performance. Every millisecond counts as a store that loads slowly tends to drive away the shoppers and cause long-term loss of revenue and reputation. So after you have a Magento store ready, there is a need to find the right hosting partner to give it the winning advantage. Moreover, it should be capable of scaling your business growth in the coming time. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular Magento cloud hosting services that e-commerce merchants across the globe rely on. Let us explore the reasons that make AWS a perfect match for Magento online stores:

1. Reliability

If reliability is what matters the most, no other provider can make a better choice for you than AWS. It has the best infrastructure, with a large number of global data centres that are equipped with backup power and protection. Amazon EC2 is committed to 99.95% uptime, which means that you can trust it for running your store without any risks and performance hindrances.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is a must-have for e-commerce businesses as the scenario is dynamic with rapid changes in demand and market trends. AWS extends unmatched flexibility with multiple services that communicate perfectly with each other. For meeting the additional needs for memory, space, or server power, the store owner just has to change the instance type.

3. Deployment Speed

The traditional hosting providers need a few days to get their server ready for the client. However, it is not the same with AWS as it offers unmatched deployment speed. A single click is needed for creating a copy of your Magento instance for backup or testing purposes. This can be of help if you are planning an update or a promotional event for your site.

4. Performance

Partnering with AWS hosting is perhaps the best Magento speed optimization measure for a Magento site. Once again, the dependable infrastructure of Amazon promises excellent speed and seamless performance along with speedy management of issues. The platform is also revered for its scalability and can meet unprecedented traffic booms without a hitch.

5. Security

Security is one matter that e-commerce merchants cannot overlook at any cost. Amazon Cloud makes a super-secure hosting service as it brings built-in firewalls for protection along with secured access, encrypted data storage, and private subnets. Additionally, it follows strict standards for data privacy and physical security. The Amazon infrastructure has earned several Certifications, Reports, and Independent Attestations as well.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Since AWS is a pay-as-you-use service, it is easy on the pocket as you have to pay only for the resources that you have availed over a period of time. For those running large stores, it is possible to scale the resource usage on the basis of traffic and other metrics. This means that such sellers can save a lot of money during dry spells.


You can join hands with a Trusted Magento agency to avail the AWS cloud for running your e-commerce store smoothly and seamlessly. Magento US is the best choice for those looking for reliable AWS cloud services at competitive prices. Get in touch to give your business the AWS advantage.

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