12 Best Magento Extensions to Have on Your Magento Website in 2021

Best Magento Extensions In 2021
12 Best Magento Extensions to Have on Your Magento Website in 2021

Magento Extensions are what supercharge Magento with powerful functionality and make it the most preferred eCommerce frameworks for online merchants and retailers. Of course, there are several other eCommerce platforms available in the market, but with Magento, you’ll feel the difference as it becomes more dynamic and complete with extensions. Many Magento-based businesses are investing in custom Magento extension development services to enhance the capabilities of their Magento stores. However, if you want to go with ready-made Magento extensions, the Magento Marketplace offers a plethora of Magento 2 extensions to easily extend the functionalities of your Magento 2 store.

As a professional Magento website development company, we develop, customize, and integrate Magento 2 extensions as per your unique eCommerce requirements. Our Magento 2 developers have designed and developed fully-functional Magento extensions that help in making your eCommerce operations much smoother and swifter.

Since we are discussing Magento 2 extensions, we have compiled a list of the best Magento 2 extensions. They’ll not only extend the functionalities of your Magento 2 store but also help you to create a seamless and delightful customer experience. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 12 Magento 2 Extensions to Use in 2021

This list of Magento 2 extensions is the best selection of extensions that you can try using it on your Magento website. However, if you’re not satisfied with the default features of these extensions, you can always hire Magento developers from Magento Developer Group, a professional Magento website development company that specializes in Magento extension development, customization, and integration.

1. Best Seller Products

Showcasing the best-sellers at your Magento store can greatly attract your visitors to shop from the best-selling list. This Magento extension can display your best-selling product your eCommerce website, especially on the home page. You can even use it as a widget and place it anywhere on your website. Additionally, its sliding feature enables easy product search with the help of the navigation arrow. All these features together make it one of the best extensions to improve conversions.

2. Request a Quote

In the online market, price negotiation of products is not so easy. But this exclusive Magento extension has made it quite easy as it allows customers to quote with custom price and product quantity they’d like to purchase. When customers click on the ‘Request for Quote’ button, a form is displayed that they need to fill-up. After filling the form with all the required fields available in the form, they need to submit it by clicking the ‘Submit’ button. The main intent of this extension is to allow customers to bargain at your store and encourage them to buy more products at a very flexible price.

3. Product Questions

Allowing your customers to ask questions related to your product or services and answering their questions is a great marketing hack to improve sales. Customers generally hesitate to buy products from an eCommerce store until they are sure about the product quality. Adding this extension to your Magento store you can allow your customers to ask questions about the product before purchasing, build trust in their minds, and establish a good customer relationship. It also lets you add Google reCaptcha wit question form helps in avoiding spam questions.

4. Two Factor Authentication

The Two Factor Authentication extension helps you streamline the buying and checking-out process by providing additional authentication procedures for customers. This prevents hackers and fake IDs from intercepting online payment procedures, which in turn, makes the buying and checking seamless and safe. The rule of thumb is, the more security tiers an online store has, the better the level of protection.

The main features of this extension include managing a list of trusted IP’s, the two-step verification procedure, and preventing widespread spyware.

If you’ve indulged in Magento eCommerce development, this is one of the important Magento 2 extensions to have on your Magento 2 website.

5. InstantSearch+

Instantsearch+ is one of the best search-based conversion Magento 2 extensions for your Magento 2 powered online store. This extension is intelligent too as it understands a customer’s behavior in order to offer them the most relevant products, which is helpful in improving conversion. All these features are offered in a feature-packed and friendly hosting service including AutoComplete, Semantic Search, Individual Results, and much more. Additionally, smart navigation, autocorrect, and responsive search result features are also available in the extension. All these powerful features help in delivering a great experience to customers.

6. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

After installation, the Taxjar Sales Tax Automation extension automatically configures your tax settings within the Magento framework and makes your sales tax calculation and reporting hassle-free. With this extension, tax rates don’t need to be set manually; they’re automatically updated and displayed in a user-friendly interface. This way, as a store owner, you don’t have to worry about including the wrong tax figures, which helps in increasing website reputation amongst your customers.

The best part of this extension is that integration is seamless and does not affect your website’s performance because it is lightweight and updates every month with the latest tax rates. Accurate tax rates, reliability, and peace of mind are what makes this one of the most preferred and widely-used Magento 2 extensions for Magento users.

If you need help with the integration of this extension, you can hire Magento developers from us and they’ll perform seamless integration of the extension into your Magento 2 store.

7. Nosto Personalization

Nosto Personalization extension uses a series of nifty algorithms for analyzing various data points across your online store in real-time. When it comes to analyzing the behavior of your online store, this easy-to-use Magento 2 extension is very useful as it helps you to launch innovative marketing campaigns online after knowing which products are more popular and most sought after to engage more customers and increase conversions. Nosto Personalization’s innovative features and the ability to understand the different dynamics of your online store makes it one of the best Magento 2 extensions available online.

For better results from your marketing campaign, you can approach a Magento eCommerce development company for custom Magento extension development services.

8. Most Viewed & Sold Product Count

This is one of the most effective and useful tools for selling products online. By using this unique and easy-to-use module, you get two benefits. First, it helps to display the most viewed product count, and secondly, it displays the most sold out product count. This way, your customers can know exactly how many times your products are being viewed as well as ho may times your products have been sold. Hence, this can be best for encouraging your customers to buy products without any doubt.

9. Social Login Pro

Social Login Pro is a module that every Magento store owner should consider to use. It supports over 50 social networks and with this extension, customers can easily log in using their social media accounts and proceed for purchase. It will help increase the registration of more customers from different social media networks.  This way you can improve your conversion rate significantly.

10. Store Pickup For Magento 2

This Magento 2 extension allows customers to choose their nearest location to pick up their products. It supports Google map’s instant direction feature. With the help of this extension, you can easily categorize Magento multi-stores based on the city and country. Moreover, you can add countless numbers of store pick up and locations for the brands available on your website. This will enable customers to select their pickup location while checkout process. You can even limit the store pickup features on particular days.

11. Advanced SEO Suite

Without optimizing your website for search engines, you cannot expect a good result from your Magento eCommerce site. SEO helps your website rank higher in Google’s search engine result pages. Advanced SEO Suite is one of the magnificent solutions to enhance the search engine ranking of your online store. It is a premium extension available for both Magento1 and Magento 2 store. This extension comes with various features including auto-generated snippets for store Products, Organization Rich Snippet, Product Rich Snippet, Category Rich Snippet, Reviews Rich Snippet, and Breadcrumbs Rich. Besides, this extension helps to manage interlinks for your website to generate more engagement in your online store.

12. Shipping Suite Ultimate

Managing the shipping process is a bit complex process in the online market. However, using the Shipping Suite Ultimate extension, Magento store owners can easily create custom shipping rules from backend based on the requirement. It is a highly responsive Magento 2 extension that comes with amazing features such as multiple store support, manage flexible shipping rates, data import/export, and a lot more.


For achieving success in the eCommerce business, sales should not be the real goal. You might be thinking that we’re talking crazy. Well, your real goal is to help your customers get their desired products or services. This will bring effective value to your online business. If you follow this strategy, you will definitely drive more sales on your Magento eCommerce website. Last, but not the least these are some of the best Magento 2 extensions to supercharge your Magento web-store. However, if required you can hire Magento developers who can deploy these extensions on your website. Hope this blog is helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need to customize my Magento 2 extension. Can you help?

Yes, we can. As a professional Magento website development company, we offer Magento extension development and customization service as a part of our complete suite of Magento 2 development services.

Q. Do you develop extensions for Magento 1 website?

Yes, we can develop custom extensions for your Magento 1 store. However, we strongly advise all Magento 1 users to upgrade to Magento 2 for better performance, security, and reliability since Magento 1 has reached its end-of-life and will not receive official support or updates from the Magento community.

Q. How much does it cost to develop Magento 2 extension?

Developing a custom Magento 2 extension can cost you around $50 to $500, however, this cost may vary from agency to agency. As the premier Magento eCommerce development company, we offer a complete suite of Magento extension development services at an affordable rate.

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