How To Deal With 404 Error Page On Your Magento E-Commerce Store

Magento 404 Error
How To Deal With 404 Error Page On Your Magento E-Commerce Store

Success in online selling is all about offering seamless user experiences. Even a mild hitch in the checkout process can translate into cart abandonment and a resultant loss of revenues. Magento is a preferred e-commerce development platform as it is acclaimed for the powerful features that make it capable of rendering appealing and high-performance websites. Despite everything, there are still some issues that may challenge shoppers in Magento online stores. One of these is the 404 or not Found page, which as the name suggests, informs the customers that the page they are trying to access does not exist.

404 Page is dreaded by the buyers as well as the sellers; while it hampers the shopping experiences for the buyers, the page generally means missed opportunities for the sellers. To make things worse, it can even cause loss of reputation for the business as the frustrated customer may vow never to come back to the website. Another bane that the store may face relates to loss of search visibility as Google allocates lower SEO rankings to sites with such pages. However problematic the scenario may appear, there are several measures that the merchant can take to redress the issue and turn the situation in his favor. Here are some measures that Hire Magento developers recommend to handle the 404 Error:

1. Create Customised Design

Magento 2 comes with default 404 pages which are designed to address the implications of the error to a certain extent. For instance, it suggests options such as to return to the previous page, go to the home page, or the user search on the top. However, these tactics may not always work as they lack a personal touch. The best way out is to convey a personalized message through a customized branded page. In fact, most brands create such pages that appear similar to the other pages in terms of visual elements. This ensures consistency in shopping experience despite the error.

2. Convey a Message

Visitors are bound to get frustrated as they encounter an error page, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You can use these pages to your advantage by creating content that delivers a message to the visitor. It could be a simple apology message written in a witty manner. At the same time, you can use the page smartly to redirect the user to another one. You can also create a contact form to ask the users to share their experience and woes.

3. Keep The User Engaged

Make sure that the user stays on the store rather than leaving it for good after coming across the 404 page. The best way is to ask them to search more products, perhaps similar to the one searched, on the website. What more, you can even provide personalized search recommendations based on the user’s browsing history. The other ways to keep them on the site is by asking them to click a link that takes them to the home page, blog, or the pages that showcase your best-selling products. Who knows, these tactics may even drive conversions!!

404 error pages are inevitable for Magento stores no matter how well you monitor and maintain them. For this reason, it is essential that you focus on optimizing the error page in terms of design and content. Smart sellers are the ones who convert this adversity into an opportunity and use the page as a branding tool.

Magento US is a leading Magento Development agency that not only creates excellent e-commerce websites but also ensures that they run smoothly and seamlessly. We have a team of experts who provide excellent support and solutions to handle diverse performance issues such as the 404 error pages hampering the user experience on the website.

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