Faster Website Loading Speed Translates Into E-commerce Success

Website Loading Speed
Faster Website Loading Speed Translates Into E-commerce Success

Online shoppers are perhaps the most impatient lot on the planet and it is hard to coax them if your website is not able to load in a blink of an eye. So, if your e-commerce store is taking more than 5 seconds to load, you must take it very seriously. Users look for stores that are lightning fast and anything that is below par drives them away for good. Slow loading speed, therefore, turns up as one of the biggest challenges that plague even the best Magento developers. Before looking for speed optimization measures, it is important to understand the significance of website speed for success in this domain.

Loading speed is the first impression of the online store

Loading speed is the first impression that a website gets across to the user. A site that is slow to load tends to have a negative impact on the first-time visitors. On the other hand, one that performs exceptionally not only generates their interest but creates a reliable and trustworthy image for the business.

Faster websites serve great user experiences

Another reason that so much emphasis is given to load speed is that it ensures a great user experience. It would not be an exaggeration say that user experiences are the lifeline of e-commerce business. If your Magento store loads in seconds, it means that the visitors are getting what they want and they are getting it fast. The stiff competition in the domain makes slow loading a killer for the store.

Slow stores lose on conversions

The more time a site takes to load, the more are the chances of shoppers leaving it without converting. Every second added to the loading time translates into the loss of potential customers. Lost conversions spell doom for the business as they indicate not only lost revenues but lost reputation too. This has a long-term impact on the business and retards its growth.

Speed affects SEO ranking too

Google algorithm defines page speed as one of the parameters that determine the SEO rankings of the website. It matters a great deal to have a fast loading store so that you can stay on the top and be visible to the customers out there.

With the importance of site-performance is well-emphasized now, it is crucial to look for effective Magento speed optimization measures to ensure that the issue is resolved for the merchants. Here are the steps that can improve the loading times for a typical Magento e-commerce store:

  • Make sure that the store runs on the latest version of the platform so that it can avail all the performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Invest in a Magento hosting plan that offers excellent performance and security out of the box.
  • Utilize caching technique to boost the content delivery as it enables the returning user to access content stored in the cache.
  • Get rid of unused Magento extensions and plug-ins from the store to make it faster.
  • Similarly, removing the unnecessary codes from the HTML and JS files helps to resolve the problem.
  • Heavy images can slow down the store while uploading compressed images can be the right way.
  • Implementation of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that the content is served faster from multiple locations across the globe.
  • Magento 2 allows the merging of CSS and Javascript files into one file, which reduces the total number of HTTP requests and turns up the loading speed.

Speed optimization makes running an e-commerce store simpler and ensures good results in terms of higher conversions and revenues as well as a better reputation in the long run. So, this is one expense that a merchant should make happily. If you are facing some speed issues with your e-commerce website, Get in touch with Magento US. We are a team of expert professionals who cater a full-range of services to develop e-commerce stores and ensure that they run optimally.

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