Google Pay Extension for Magento Updated, Now Supports Cybersource

Google Pay Extension for Magento Updated,
Google Pay Extension for Magento Updated, Now Supports Cybersource

Unbound Commerce is pleased to declare the dispatch of new features to the Google Pay extension in the Magento 2 Extension Marketplace.

Magento 2 development is one of the most popular eCommerce development techniques and their Magento 2 Extension marketplace features a huge number of module expansions that permit the 170,000 dealers who use Magento to rapidly and effectively improve their work area and versatile trade offering.

Google Pay gives clients a protected, quick and basic approach to pay online. For vendors, offering Google Pay implies quicker checkout and expanded transformation rates. Unbound Commerce assembles and upholds the authority of Google Pay extension for Magento retailers.

The Google Pay augmentation v1.1.1 for Magento 2 Integration presently upholds the Cybersource payment gateway permitting vendors who incline toward Cybersource to easily coordinate with Google Pay into their checkout stream. Cybersource is the main payment service provider(PSP) that serves retailers in 197 nations and handled nearly $600B in payments in 2020.

What is Cybersource?

Cybersource is an online payment management company. It offers a complete arrangement of administrations that improve and automatize payment tasks.

As the leading provider of payment gateway management systems to countless online organizations, security and information insurance is absolutely critical to CyberSource Corporation and its auxiliaries.

Cybersource offers readymade solutions that merchants can integrate within their eCommerce web development, allowing their users to make easy and secure payments online.

Other key updates incorporate help for Magento 2.4 just as Magento 2.3. Simple to download and introduce with no coding, Google Pay for Magento 2 Integration gives quick, frictionless checkout and permits shoppers to use pre-stored payment credentials. This decreases information passage mistakes and means higher conversion rates and increased order size for shippers.

As per Google, “Checkout with Google Pay is simple and quick, diminishing your clients’ ideal opportunity to purchase, and expanding your changes. There are no expenses for dealers or clients to utilize Google Pay, and Google’s improved security and personality controls imply Google Pay exchanges are declined less as often as possible than card just exchanges.”

As per a new report by eMarketer, Google Pay is expecting to add 10.2 Million new clients by 2025 and portable payment gateways will be utilized by over 100M US purchasers this year alone. In-store online payment developed by 29% in 2020 for US purchasers aging from 14+ and more than half of all US customers will utilize online payment gateway in the following 4 years.

Wrapping Up

Google Pay helps organizations all throughout the planet acknowledge payments and increment changes by empowering easier, safer transactions in your applications and on your sites. At the point when you incorporate with Google Pay, your clients can pay rapidly utilizing the payment techniques they’ve safely saved to their Google Accounts.

This expansion for Magento 2 development, when arranged, will show Google Pay as a choice in the Mini-Cart just as the standard checkout screens. Checkout with Google Pay is simple and quick, diminishing your clients’ ideal opportunity to purchase, and expanding your website’s reach. There are no expenses for shippers or clients to utilize Google Pay, and Google’s upgraded security and character controls imply Google Pay transactions are declined less often than card just transactions. Hire Magento 2 Developers from a reputed organization and experience the seamless integration of such marvelous extensions.

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