How Live Chat Service is Transforming E-commerce Industry Business?

How Live Chat Service is Transforming E-commerce Industry Business-MagentoDeveloperGroup
How Live Chat Service is Transforming E-commerce Industry Business?

Many companies focus on the features and functionality of the website and completely ignore the importance of customer care services. A major challenges that e-commerce owners experience are to serve visitor in the most engaging and timely manner. They can’t deploy a person to solve customer questions in precision at the time they emerge. Thus to serve them in the best way Live chat can be integrated in the website by hiring e-commerce website developers and every online seller is following this approach. It has so many benefits that will make your online business successful.

The chat is not only used as a tool to interact with your customers; but it includes several other potentials enabling you to create a strong bond with your customers as well as enhancing your conversion rates. It ensures that your visitors get instant replies to their problems and they trust your brand thus enhancing customer’s retention rate. In this blog, we are going to discuss at some of the reasons why Magento e-commerce development services should apply live chat in their operations. This will give you clear picture regarding its importance in online selling.

Benefits of Live Chat to your E-commerce:

Facts fetched from different resources reveal that 70% of customers avoid buying if a Live Chat isn’t present on the website and over 60% of the customers are retained by the virtue of being connected with the Live Chat. Seeing the current trend of customers preferring the Live Chats than any other mode of communication Magento e-commerce development integrates this feature so that the customer service agents can resolve their queries in minimum time period.

Other than these significant stats, Live Chat has several benefits for your online business:

1. Quick Support

Unlike the other source of communication, Live Chats are free to avail with 24/7 availability. You can have smooth accessibility and instant responses. International deals can be easily supported as well. Live Chats offer over 80% customer satisfaction as per the reports by different surveys.

2. Surge in the Conversion rates and Brand Loyalty

A customer has several questions regarding the product, the terms and conditions of service, product comparisons, quality, shipping costs, and characteristics. All these questions can be addressed by Magento 2 development with Live Chat integration and are paid a perfect attention and the customer feels pleased with the service and overall convinced which boosts the sales for the company. Because of such an amazing customer service, the audience supports the brand because of the trust that they build and this increases the loyal customer base for the company.

3. Economical and better Customer Experience

The Live Chats need limited agents to fix the customers queries and because the agents are so wonderfully trained, the conversion rate automatically surges. This makes it much cheaper than the other source of communication like telephonic.

As mentioned, Live Chats offer personalized connection with the customer due to which brands hire e-commerce website developers and make this experience as the best one. You can also make use of AI-based chatbots for taking care of routine and complicated queries in order to serve maximum number of customers.

4. Increases Customer Reach and Instant Feedback

Live Chats allow support agents to answer the customer queries as well as also initiate a conversation for better results. The agent can easily browse the Visitors List and initiate the conversation with the customer that they are looking to target. This process helps to boost the company conversion rates.

You can also get instant feedback once the Live session is ended which helps to bring remarkable improvements in your product and services and further improves the company performance.

5. Real-Time Troubleshooting

With the integration of the Live Chats by Magento e-commerce development services, you can easily analyze your customers’ behavior by checking the Viewed Pages, Conversation History, Website Analysis, Visitor’s Tracking and Product Analysis. This data collection helps the e-commerce seller in improving their service, correcting their errors as well as providing convenient services.

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Attachments, Screenshots, Direct Links, etc. can be offered through Live Chats which helps in fast and timely troubleshooting. If customers are served instantly to address their technical issues they will feel valued and will visit the website again for buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a live chat work?

Live chat allows instant communication with the website visitors via instant messaging. The chat easily appears within their browser window, and the website visitor can chat with an operator by messaging into the live chat box.

2. Do customers like live chat?

Live chat has become a leading digital contact technology for online customers, as a staggering 45% of customers prefer live chat compared to just 20% for email, and 15% for social media.

3. How to integrate live chat in Magento store?

Live chat feature can be easily integrated into E-commerce websites by taking guidance of Magento 2 development team. They will easily integrate the feature using the extension availed from the Magento Marketplace.

4. What are the benefits of live chat?

Here’s a quick recap of some of the live chat benefits:

  • Increase sales.
  • Reduce expenses.
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Improve customer service and loyalty.
  • Faster problem resolution.
  • Customer convenience.
  • Discover customer pain points.
  • Expand market reach.

5. Is live chat secure?

Live chat is designed to improve the customer experience. Secure chat is 256-bit SSL encrypted. SSL is standard security technology for building an encrypted links between a server and a client over a web server and a browser.


Live Chats are the most innovative forms of having interaction with customers. It helps to grow your sales apart from retaining a loyal customer base. It is economical, customer-centric as well as helps the company to expand customer reach.

If you have any concern related to live chat and its features then feel free to contact Magento support Team. Hopefully the above blog helped you grow your knowledge. Let us know your views regarding the information in the comment section below.

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