How to choose Magento Hosting Service for E-commerce Website?

How to choose Magento Hosting Service for E-commerce Website
How to choose Magento Hosting Service for E-commerce Website?

Magento is a robust and renowned CMS in the world of E-commerce. Several developers and store owners leverage the power of this innovative CMS for selling their products online. If you are among such users, you might know that E-commerce store development depends on the hosting solution for smooth deployment. While website requirements are not something exceptional but still not every owner have knowledge of Magento 2 development and thus need expert assistance. Being a store owner, you need to bear certain special considerations in mind when making a selection related to Magento hosting provider.

In this blog post, we will be discussing important factors that you must be aware of in relation to hosting. First, let us focus on the important things that several store owners miss on numerous occasions during Magento E-commerce development that on later stages make a huge impact on the site performance. Irrespective of the size of your online store, your web hosting provider should offer the below given features.

1. Security

Check whether your Magento hosting plan offers predefined security features. Yes, every necessary steps need to be taken to enhance your website security layers from hackers. But in terms of server security, the hosting provider has complete responsibility. Make sure your hosting provider has server with latest software integrated. Plus, there should also be DDoS protection, along with a firewall and anti-malware strategy.

2. Speed

Beyond that, the next important parameter of the utmost importance is the speed. No one prefers visiting a slow website. Magento websites in themselves are slow in performance if they are not properly optimized. But it is not the case always to blame on the website configuration. What if the hosting server is already slow in performance? It is a good idea to opt for hosting services that take extra care regarding their infrastructure to make sure hardware is never overloaded. You can hire Magento developer to check whether the hosting provider is using server-side caching mechanism or not. It is often your own responsibility to setup a caching solution on self-managed servers.

3. Compatibility

Be sure to verify your Magento website hosting requirements and compare them with the specifications offered by the web hosting provider. Before moving ahead, look for PCI compliance to ensure E-commerce store does not face any unnecessary compliance issues. It is observed that PHP 5.x is experiencing a downfall and people are opting for PHP 7.x In fact, Magento 2 prefer PHP 7.0 version, thus check whether your Magento hosting provider is offering the latest compatibility guidelines.

4. Technical Support

Technical support is very important as website can experience issues related to speed, performance and optimization. Things often go wrong when you least expect them to. What if your website becomes down during festival season? You would need quality technical support from your Magento hosting provider. Support related to sales and billing can wait but technical support should be offered 24/7. You might be thinking it is too much to ask for round the clock support when a few dollars per month is paid for Magento hosting. It is a very smart investment to pay a little extra to receive quality support.

Which Magento Hosting is perfect for your website need?

The options are plenty when it comes to hosting for Magento E-commerce development and you can opt for any one as per your need. Alternatively, you can pick from something in between.

1. Shared Hosting

In terms of Magento hosting, shared hosting works well because Magento based stores can often outgrow shared memory allocations within a short span of time. If you are startup or your store has limited products, a shared package is perfect option for you. However, as the number of products grows, you will find shared hosting not appropriate as it will become too restrictive. In that case, it will be a great idea to upgrade to a bigger and more powerful hosting plan.

2. Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting server, as the name reveals, offers all the resources specifically for your store only. In other words, complete access to the entire server is allocated as per your needs. Such hosting solutions are used by very E-commerce websites that have large product catalog and huge volume of traffic on daily basis. For all practical purposes, a small scale Magento 2 development will not require a dedicated server. Dedicated server gives lot of resources like memory allocation and security updates.

If you feel that a dedicated server is taking lot of financial resources and shared hosting package is too little, a VPS is perfect option to consider.

3. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server is not dedicated nor shared in functionality. Instead, it is a hosting that comes with a virtualization layer allows admin to separate the resources from other. In other words, by creating virtual servers within a server the hosting provider offers better resources than a shared hosting environment. In addition, you do not have to pay higher price of a dedicated server as you are using a virtual part of the server.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Magento hosting?

Magento hosting is a web hosting plan providing compatibility with the E-commerce development software Magento. While it is a free CMS that provides a lot of useful features for running an online store, one thing it notably doesn’t provide is the web hosting.

What is the best hosting for Magento?

  • SiteGround
  • Cloudways
  • BlueHost
  • InMotion Hosting
  • HostGator
  • Web Hosting Hub
  • GoDaddy

Does Magento offer hosting?

The best Magento hosting plan makes E-commerce website fast and secure. The ideal hosting environment is a complete LAMP stack having fast server. You can use shared hosting, but VPS, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers offer better performance and security.


Thus, we now have proper information regarding Magento hosting. Basically, following parameters need to be kept in mind when opting for a hosting package:

  • Server speed
  • Security methodology
  • System software and compatibility with Magento
  • Availability and quality of technical support

Depending on the size of Magento store and the amount of traffic, you can opt either shared, or semi-dedicated, or dedicated hosting. A VPS is a great choice for Magento E-commerce development if not planning to invest in a dedicated server or shared hosting.

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