How To Prepare An E-commerce Store For Festive Season Customer Engagement?

How To Prepare An E-commerce Store For Festive Season Customer Engagement?
How To Prepare An E-commerce Store For Festive Season Customer Engagement?

The festive season is the time when every online merchant and shopper waits to avail of the opportunity. Shoppers get discount offers, flat sales, coupons while the store owners grow revenue with record-breaking sales. This is the story of every year, right? Being a merchant don’t you want to improve sales or conversion rate? How about record-breaking profit? How about growing your average order value? Interested! To avail of all the benefits of the festive season, you have to focus on the customer demands in addition to taking assistance from the Magento development company. The experts working at development agencies are experienced, skilled and professional in Magento CMS. In this blog, some important tips are discussed. Keep reading to learn.

1. Implement Festive Theme

Festival season is the time for joy, happiness and customizing the website accordingly can engage visitors. Set up a festive mood theme on your web store having a festive spirit background. Use bright colors and add some symbols related to a given festival. These images, graphics and color combinations make the website theme look more welcoming and festive mood. Most of the store owners are not technically sound and to decorate your website as per the festivities, it will be quite valuable to contact a Magento E-commerce development company for website customization. Work on the customer’s behavior and indulge them in buying more with a twist in your theme.

2. Streamline Checkout Process

Review your checkout method to optimize conversions. According to the most recent survey around 69 percent meaning two-thirds who initiate the checkout procedure drop off before making a purchase. Being a store owner you can hire Magento developers, to perform the necessary changes within your checkout process. These are the most common suggestions development company give to store merchants when we audit the checkout process:

  • Implement a one-page checkout
  • Never ask for the same details twice
  • Remove any unnecessary distractions

3. Gift Card Promotions

A perfect approach to drive sales on your E-commerce store during the holiday season is to share the gift card promotions. People provide gift cards than take some time to shop for an individual. This avoids purchasing someone a gift they may not prefer. Make full benefit of this festive season because you support gift cards. To fully optimize your online store, you must have a solution in place that can manage gift cards on your E-commerce website. Another great bonus of the gift cards is that people are likely to spend more than the card value. Offering gift cards is a perfect way to grow sales during the holidays.

4. Fast Shipping

A large number of shoppers keep waiting until the last moment to get amazing deals. Integrate faster logistics by providing same-day shipping, overnight shipping or free of cost shipping for a fast conversion. Even the regular shopper who makes a purchase in the advance prefers faster shipping so that the order is timely delivered during the festivals. They are even ready to pay more for improved and instant deliveries. Also, include a smooth return and replacement service to manage your returns. By handling returns in a planned way you can actually boost customer upsell and also win loyal customers. A satisfied customer guarantees more sales in future and also spread word of mouth.

5. Mobile Responsive Website

The mobile industry has seen a huge growth rate in the last few years. Mobile gadgets drive more than 60% of the potential buyers as per the stats. E-commerce websites having mobile-friendly designs perform better in comparison to other stores in terms of sales. Magento is the most popular CMS to build E-commerce stores and is compatible with mobile devices. Shoppers are highly-concerned with the secure payment and with Magento payment gateway integration this concern is addressed. Therefore, to grow the sales build a mobile-friendly website with a secure payment gateway. The campaigns and ads should be mobile users targeted.

6. Customer Service

Timely customer assistance helps to convert and retain shoppers. People love being valued, share personalized messages, emails all through the festive period. There are several ways to improve customer service. For example, timely delivery, refunds and exchange. People’s priority during the holiday period is timely delivery. A timely and fast delivery plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. Being a store owner manages your time to finish the packing, shipping, and delivery job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magento free for E-commerce?

Yes, Magento is a free CMS, as, it is open-source to build an engaging E-commerce store. The open-source Magento version provides limited functionalities that are sufficient to build an online store from scratch. But the availability of extensions functionality can be enhanced.

Why Magento is best for E-commerce?

The reason behind Magento’s popularity is its flexibility, security and scalability. These are the most important features of an E-commerce website. It is one of the top-rated platforms in comparison to other E-commerce CMSs like Drupal, WordPress and Shopify. You can build a fully scalable and advanced online store by using Magento CMS. It is an open-source platform helping the beginners to build appealing online stores.

What programming language does Magento use?

Magento is an open-source platform based on the PHP language. It implements MySQL or relational database management system, the PHP programming language, and some Zend framework modules. It applies the OOPS conventions and model view controller architecture.

What are the advantages of Magento?

It empowers the store owners to make use of the inbuilt features as per the necessity to manage the overall web store functionality. Magento has strong features for marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog management creating an efficient online store for the amazing shopping experience.

Wrapping Up:

The festive season is a perfect opportunity for the store owners to make quick money and grow sales. It also offers the perfect opportunity to build a huge customer base to target them at later stages. Today’s modern buyers are smart before making any decisions. You need to make real efforts to attract them. We have talked about some important instructions for the store owners to get the desired business results this festive season. If you are looking to implement these important elements within your website to make sure the results you are looking for in terms of customer engagement, ROI and sales are achieved, take expert guidance from a reputed Magento development services provider. This will help you in availing the desired results as per your business requirements in a short period of time.

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