How Does Magento 2 Checkout Boost E-Commerce Sales

How Does Magento 2 Checkout Boost E-Commerce Sales
How Does Magento 2 Checkout Boost E-Commerce Sales

Magento 2 Checkout Features That Drive Conversion

Magento has earned a well-deserved reputation for being an ideal platform for e-commerce development. Not only does it possess excellent features but also makes consistent efforts on improving itself. A tangible step in this direction is the presentation of its advanced version, Magento 2. Like all other upgraded versions, this one too has a series of benefits over its predecessor. One of these is the simplified checkout process, which makes it a valuable aid for boosting conversions for online stores. Most eCommerce development services are offering migration to Magento 2 to capitalize on the increasing interest in making the transition.

How Magento 2 Checkout Process Scores Over The Previous Version?

Magento 1 required the customer to follow a 6-step checkout process, filling in multiple fields before the completion of the order. These fields included information related to the checkout method, billing, shipping, shipping method, payment, and order review. The order had to be followed stringently, with the user being able to move to the next step only after the previous was filled. Such a complicated and time-consuming checkout process accounted for high cart abandonment rate.

On the other hand, Magneto 2 has made the checkout process much easier, curtailing it to only 2 steps. The first is related to Shipping and second to Payment & Reviews. Both the steps are on separate pages and easy to fill, even though the fields to be filled are almost the same. The checkout process has been streamlined, which has effectively resolved the challenge of card abandonment. This is a big reason why most e-commerce sellers have availed Magento 2 Development Services after the launch of the advanced version.

Other Factors That Make Magento 2 Checkout A Better Experience

Besides the advantage of simplicity, there are many more reasons why Magento 2 Checkout has given this platform a winning edge. Let’s have a peek at the improved features it brings:

1. Automatic Guest Checkout

One of the biggest concerns for online shoppers is to get registered with a store. Most of them do not want to go through the tedious process and would rather not shop for this reason. Magento 2 has eliminated this need by providing automatic guest checkout for the customers. This makes the checkout process seamless and encourages the visitor to complete the transaction. The customer is given an option of creating an account after the checkout is done and it is up to them whether they get registered or not.

2. Intuitive Design

An intuitive design is another plus point of the Checkout process of the advanced platform. An order summary along with product images is available on the right sidebar during the entire process. Presented as a minicart, it enables the customer to be sure about the products being added to the cart throughout the transaction. The mini cart is responsive in design and easily accessible to mobile users too.

3. Easy Payment Integration

Magento 2 checkout has another big improvement over that of the previous version. This relates to integration of multiple payment methods in the e-commerce store. The platform also enables vendors to create personalized payment modules according to their needs. Also, customers need not give the billing addresses unless a payment method requires them to do so. This speeds up the checkout as they just have to check off if the billing address and shipping address are the same.

4. Dynamic Shipping Rates

The user is provided dynamic shipping rates during the Magento 2 checkout process. The rate is calculated on the basis of the shipping address entered by the buyer. The customers can instantly get all the information related to the shipping cost of the product. Once chosen, the shipping rate would be added to the price. The store owner has the option of setting up the shipping rates for the products. For instance, he can offer free shipping if the order value exceeds a certain amount or give a flat shipping rate.

A better checkout experience would be a great add-on for an e-commerce store. Such an extensive list of checkout benefits makes moving over to the new version an enticing prospect. If you are looking to make the switch, hiring a professional Magento development company in the USA would be the best way for doing so.

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