Magento 2 vs Prestashop – Which Is Best for You in 2020?

Magento 2 vs Prestashop
Magento 2 vs Prestashop – Which Is Best for You in 2020?

Are you planning to create an online store but unable to decide between Magento 2 vs Prestashop? While creating an online store, two major frameworks can come to your mind which is Prestashop and Magento. They both are open-source eCommerce content management system. Also, both platforms can automate the task of building your virtual store efficiently and quickly. Both frameworks are available in the free version and are comprised of all the functionality to create an online portal. But there are major differences and you should know the differences before building your store.

So, it means the Magento and PrestaShop are significant choices. They both have their pons and cons. It is most essential to know in-depth which CMS is better for you. As they both open-source frameworks, so they are tough competitors. if you want to create a robust eCommerce store, you can hire the best Magento 2 Developer.

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop Comparison

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop – Designs & Templates

Magento 2 theme templates can be found on Magento Marketplace. It comes with a well-organized and stylish look and well-ordered categories. This is not an issue as there is a substantial supply of third-party templates. You can discover the most delectable ones browsing ThemeForest and locate the one that can appeal to your customers the most. At this point, Magento 2 will provide you more options for design to choose from. All you need to spend some time browsing the big amount of them. Most prominently, you can create your own Magento theme if you have the required technical skills.

PrestaShop themes are alluring, professional, and elegant. You are fortified to choose from 4,000 free and paid Prestashop theme templates that will have more responsiveness features, mega menu option, color switcher, graphics incorporated, and front editor if you want.

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop – Ease of Use

Magento 2 is known to be the most adaptable shopping cart. It is an authentic masterpiece of software and can ensure unlimited abilities to tech-savvy vendors. Everyday store management on Magento 2 will be an actual pleasure and also it is adequately easy. If you want to set up your online store, then you must be experienced in web development or you also can hire an expert to help you.

When compared to PrestaShop vs Magento 2, the initial one would be a broader option if you are tech-challenged. It is extremely simpler to customize your PrestaShop eCommerce store. This platform has streamlined everyday management of the store that can help you focus on major issues. You can optimize your eCommerce store with the help of robust analytics and dashboard modules.

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop – eCommerce Features

Magento Shopping cart ensures top-quality eCommerce features incorporating from promotions to sales and customer segmentation. So, if you want to be certain, check these key features of Magento eCommerce:

  • Consumer segmentation, merchandising, targeted promotions
  • Active rules-based product connections
  • Persistent shopping
  • Simplified email marketing reminder
  • Private sales
  • Gifting options and registry
  • Reward points
  • Return management and more

The Prestashop shopping cart provides more than 500 functionalities that are already built-in. you will get all the important features that an online vendor needs for their business. Intelligent Merchant KPI and Forecasting includes the PrestaShop great features that increase its statistical supports.

Consequently, this eCommerce solution provides eCommerce Analytics that can help you analyze the traffic. Also, it will help to make the most astounding choices with regards to your business strategy. This information will help you grow consumer conversions and enhance your user base. In addition to this, PrestaShop provides integrations that can help you to export product listings effectively to Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, and various other prominent marketplaces.

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop – Plugins and Extensions

Magento 2 provides more features and functionality. Hence, the supply for the extensions is extremely broad and enormous. Now, a new Magento Marketplace has been issued and it offers around 5,500 modules (paid and free). Well, there are possibilities that the amount will go up in a few weeks. So, Magento will be going to take the lead very soon.

PrestaShop add-ons Marketplace recommends 10,000 extensions, graphic themes, and services. It will enable you to add a new feature in a couple of clicks. Here, you will get valuable extensions to enhance any online business.

Magento 2 Vs PrestaShop – Pricing

Magento 2 can be quite expensive at first sight. But with Magento, you are paying for the feature that is beyond. Also, there are no additional plugins or support expenses when compared to PrestaShop. They have a similar function if talking about pricing.

PrestaShop is an open-source shopping cart that is completely free to use. However, it doesn’t mean that it has no expense. PrestaShop has a paid web hosting facility where the charges may vary. Furthermore, there is no other way to release a working PrestaShop store without buying some charged extensions or a responsive theme.

Wrapping Up

Well, PrestaShop is the right solution for vendors who run small, and medium-sized enterprises with a low budget. Thus, Magento is a leading tech solution for entrepreneurs who are run medium and big businesses with a good budget and have high technical skills.

So, if you are a business owner and looking to create a great online store for your business, this guide can help you to choose the right platform. Also, you can get in touch with the best Magento 2 Development company that can help you to integrate the solution into your online store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with Magento?

Magento offers lots of features and comes with an open-source solution. You will have the ability to change the look and feel of your eCommerce store and how it works. Magento can help you to easily customize your portal can be used as a catalog management tool for your business.  

What do you get with PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is another free and open-source solution with lots of functionalities. You can use the basic configuration for free but you will have to pay for templates, modules, and themes. It is available in 40 languages but only supports completely in French and English.

Who should choose Magento?

Magento is ideal for those looking a complete control over the customization of online stores. Small and big businesses looking to evolve quickly will discover the features of Magento in a better way than PrestaShop.

Who should choose PrestaShop?

Small size businesses or those not planning to grow instantly will have the user-friendly option of PrestaShop in order to perfectly fit their needs. This solution can make everything simple to keep the cost down and you will not need to invest as much to set everything.

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