Why Magento Agencies Prefer Varnish Cache For Speed Optimization?

Varnish Cache
Why Magento Agencies Prefer Varnish Cache For Speed Optimization?

Magento is an acclaimed e-commerce platform which provides exceptional features along with flexibility and scalability for creating high-quality websites. Needless to say, investing in Magento e-commerce development is the shortcut to catering perfect shopping experiences that guarantee success for the business. An optimal shopping experience comprises of excellent functionalities and fast loading speed.

While Magento excels in the former front, the latter can be a challenge for the platform. The reason is that it can be a resource-hungry platform that tends to perform poorly when the traffic loads are high. Another reason is that when Magento plugins are developed, the focus is on functionality rather than performance. Therefore, slow loading speed is one major issue that Magento stores may come across.

Resolving Speed Issues For Your Magento Store

Seeking help from a Trusted Magento Agency is the best way to ensure speed optimization for your e-commerce store. There are several quick fixes that experts recommend for this purpose. These include running the latest platform version, eliminating the redundant extensions and plugins, optimizing the images, enabling flat catalog, and choosing the right hosting partner, to mention a few. However, most agencies look for a more reliable and result-oriented measure and installation of Varnish Cache is one way to do that. Let’s know more about this speed optimization measure.

What makes Varnish Cache ideal for Magento stores?

Varnish Cache is an HTTP accelerator which enables the website to handle high traffic volumes without hampering its loading speed. The principle behind the working of Varnish is that a page is cached right at the first time the user visits it and is retrieved from there the next time it is requested. Since the subsequent requests involve fetching the cached version from the server memory, the speed is accelerated considerably. The measure is extremely effective and reliable which makes it preferable for Magento agencies. There are several reasons that account for its popularity:

  • Varnish Cache is one of the fastest caching techniques and claims to make Magento 250 times faster.
  • It is also capable of serving as a reliable load balancer and failover system, making it a server-friendly option.
  • The solution works for the e-commerce stores of varying sizes and needs.


Such an amazing range of features make it no surprise that Varnish emerges as a hot favorite. However, the technology is pretty complex and needs some technical knowledge and expertise. We, at Magento US, are a top-rated agency that caters expert e-commerce solutions, from design and development to customization, integration, speed optimization, maintenance and support. You can hire seasoned Magento developers from our team to serve excellent solutions for your e-commerce business.

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