Magento Vs NopCommerce: Similarities & Comparison to Choose the Best One

Magento Vs NopCommerce: Similarities & Comparison to Choose the Best One

The eCommerce business is thriving like never before. There has been a tremendous scale-up in the rate of eCommerce stores. And, it is expected to increase sales at 13.7% in 2021 and reach up to $908.73 billion. The rise in the online retail industry further leads to fierce competition among several eCommerce development platforms. It includes some of the prominent names like Magento, WooeCommerce, NopCommerce, Open Cart, and more. Over here, our primary point of discussion will be making a comparison between Magento Vs NopCommerce to see which one is the best.

So, before making this end-to-end comparison between the two platforms, let’s have a look at the table of contents.

* What is Magento?

* What is NopCommerce?

* Similarities Between Magento & NopCommerce

* Key Differences: Magento Vs NopCommerce

a. Pricing Factor

b. Customization

c. Coding & Security

d. Support

e. Features

* Final Analysis

What is Magento?

When it comes to developing a feature-rich and interactive eCommerce platform, the name of Magento comes first place. An open-source eCommerce platform, Magento offers the flexibility of adding a variety of features, plugins, SEO functionalities, and more.

At present, Magento is available in two editions namely Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The former one is free of cost platform for retailers to create a profit-oriented eCommerce site with flexible functionalities.

The latter one i.e. Magento Enterprise edition is a paid platform for large-scale enterprises to customize functionalities, Magento extension development, and other features to rise high.

Market Share: 0.8% of all eCommerce websites.

Popular Platforms: Nike, Warby Parker, Joel & Son, Cox & Cox, The New Craftsmen, Boodles, etc.

Growth Rate: Over 250,000 active sites with 11,000 running on Magento 2. It covers 1.2% CMS of the market. Among the top 10k web stores are on the Magento platform.

Latest Version: Magento 2.3.4(EE and CE)

What is NopCommerce?

As compared to Magento, NopCommerce is a less popular yet effective and result-oriented eCommerce platform. It is a completely free-to-use platform for retailers to create a customized eCommerce website adding numerous products.

NopCommerce has been in the functional model for 12 years and has over 60,000 live web stores at the moment. There is no hidden fee or transactional fees required to pay and freely utilize this platform for end-to-end eCommerce web development.

Market Share: 0.1% of all eCommerce websites.

Popular Platforms: Hyatt, Asurion, and more.

Growth Rate: 60,000 websites running on the platform at present.

Latest Version: 4.30 is the latest version of NopCommerce.

Similarities Between Magento & NopCommerce

Although, there is a hot-headed comparison between Magento Vs NopCommece. Still, there lie some similarities between the two based on the following points:

* Both the platforms offer an open-source version to retailers so that the store can be edited and customized swiftly.

* Both offers feature-rich functionalities to create a customized store right from the scratch.

* Get complete control over source code from both platforms.

* Both the eCommerce platforms are highly compatible with multiple extensions and plugins.

Key Differences: Magento Vs NopCommerce

Now, you have got to know the similarities between Magento and NopCommerce. It’s time to know the key differences between the two platforms.

a. Pricing Factor

Magento: As you already know that Magento is available in two different versions i.e. Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The latter one requires a fee to be paid by retail enterprises to customize their choice of eCommerce platform. Whereas, community edition is free of cost for retailers that do not require to pay for hosting and extensions.

NopCommerce: It is an open-source platform with no fee required to set up the website and make customized changes. It is a completely free solution for small, medium, and large-scale retail enterprises.

b. Customization

Magento: The platform offers dual benefits of using free tools to extend the functionalities of the Magento Community platform. On the other side, Enterprise Edition owners can pay for extended plugins and extensions to further add new features and functionalities to the store as per the requirements. This is the reason, Magento has a huge marketplace as compared to NopCommerce.

NopCommerce: Only the free version is available with NopCommerce that allows retailers to customize the platform accordingly. You can add numerous features and additions with whatever customization options are available for you.

c. Coding

Magento: This eCommerce is platform is driven by the community. So, it functions as a productive and seamless platform to rely upon. Moreover, it is based on a PHP programming language that makes it highly compatible with several platforms.

NopCommerce: It has been developed using ASP.NET which is fast and productive to create a feature-rich platform. It further offers extendible architecture that allows developers to override a certain set of functionalities from plugins without fiddling with their core.

d. Support

Magento: The Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) offers 24/7 support to retail partners to lay hands-on product documentation and sources to learn from. The forum of the eCommerce platform has more than 73000 posts which is less as compared with NopCommerce. Moreover, Magento does not have a support forum for the community edition.

NopCommerce: The forum support of NopCommerce is higher as compared to Magento. It has a forum post of 190,000 at present. The platform also provides product documentation and sources for developers to learn more about the same. Moreover, you can hire Magento developers having a close-knit connection with the community to infuse an upgraded set of features.

e. Security

Magento: The platform offers two security patches for the different upgraded versions and sometimes between two versions. However, it does not provide security updates that make your e-store vulnerable to security breaches, errors, bugs, and more.

NopCommerce: This eCommerce platform offers only one security patch which is related to the external component. It means, your online retail store does not require constant updates to the newest version of the NopCommerce platform.

Final Analysis

From the above discussion, it is clear that both platforms look similar to each other. Magento and NopCommerce offer a rich set of features, customization, security, extendable functionalities, and more.

Despite all that, Magento has a much wider reach, acceptance, and result-oriented approach as compared to NopCommerce. So, if you are thinking to develop your eCommerce store, then get in touch with Magento Developer Group for complete assistance. It is a renowned Magento development company which is in this business for many years and has helped several enterprises to become part of a profitable eCommerce ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Magento Marketplace?

It is Magento’s online extension place that allows Magento developers to find a wide range of Magento extensions. Every type of extension from site optimization, theme, SEO, and other powerful tools is available on the single best platform.

2. What are the Different Payment Getaways Available for Magento?

Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, MasterCard/Visa direct payment, and several other payment getaways are available for the Magento eCommerce platform.

3. In How Much Time Magento eCommerce Site Can be Ready?

The time duration to develop a customized eCommerce platform on Magento depends on your requirements based on features, functionalities, resources, removing complexities, and more.

So, these are some of the above mentioned Magento Vs NopCommerce differences to know.

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