Magento Vs Odoo eCommerce: Which One is Better?

Magento Vs Odoo eCommerce: Which One is Better?

While Magento is the main eCommerce development platform in the market with practically 250k sites utilizing Magento, Odoo, once in the past known as OpenERP as of late entered this exceptionally aggressive eCommerce market. There is no question about the power and notoriety of Magento 2 Development as an eCommerce platform. Yet, Odoo Ecommerce is an awe-inspiring platform. While Magento and other eCommerce frameworks are independent front-end frameworks, Odoo has surfaced as a coordinated set-up of business applications. This implies you can consistently incorporate your eCommerce store with bookkeeping, stock administration, deals and advertising, and different frameworks. Yet, is this explanation enough to go for Odoo, particularly If it doesn’t have cutting-edge eCommerce business functionalities like Magento? Given below is a concise correlation of Magento Vs Odoo on different boundaries.

Magento Vs Odoo: An Overview


Magento is a famous decision for Magento Website Development Company since it tends to be custom fitted to meet the stores’ necessities. It is planned with an open-source design and has more than three renditions. These adaptations incorporate venture cloud version, community version, and enterprise version. The community version is accessible for nothing, while the other two have yearly membership charges.


It is likewise an open-source platform and has around 360 applications accessible to alter the provisions and functionalities. All the applications are approved, while Odoo is accessible in three unique versions. Regardless, the community version is free, while the enterprise version has different provisions yet has a yearly membership. Then again, the web-based arrangement is hosted on the cloud and has a month-to-month membership.

Magento Vs Odoo: Which One Is Better?

Website design enhancement 

Magento 2 Development is known for the SEO-accommodating provisions that further develop the store’s positioning and visibility. Therefore, the store will want to get more traffic, the positioning will be upgraded, and clients’ exercises will not be difficult to follow. Then again, Odoo has SEO highlights (they are by and large better compared to Magento, for example, interface trackers and inline SEO choices. In this way, If we think about SEO, both these platforms are adequate, yet Odoo gives some high-level provisions.


Magento is known to be a very good quality eCommerce framework with a promising CMS that upgrades by and large usefulness. Concerning the UI, it’s okay for an educated individual, however, a fledgling may require time to get acclimated with the provisions. Despite what is generally expected, Odoo has an easy-to-use interface and flaunts helpful mix and setup.

Extensions and Integrations 

Magento has a wide scope of Extensions and mixes accessible, and If you recruit Magento Website Development Company, you will want to modify the expansions. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that Magento is adaptable and grows the business. Odoo has different provisions accessible, so all things considered, you will require an extra expansion. Regardless of whether you need to get some combination, it will be excessively confused. To sum up, Magento may require extra extensions and incorporations, however, it’s not difficult to introduce while expansions are excessively perplexing for Odoo.

Payment Gateway

Divert Payment Gateway and PayPal are accessible with both the platforms yet server to server installment entryway is accessible just on Odoo for the present. Odoo can likewise oversee repeating installments. Magento 2 Development offers a protected and safe installment entryway for the purchaser just as the vendor. The two platforms give multi-money choices to work with deals in various geologies. Every one of the platforms upholds practically all installment passage arrangements. Be that as it may since Magento is the more adult and well-known platform, most installment entryways have ready-made mixes for Magento.


It is significant for any eCommerce to produce exact and legitimate reports that lead to business development. Both Magento and Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning create exact deal reports alongside stock, item execution, and deals outline reports. While Odoo likewise gives the Subscriptions KPIs, Magento offers a Site search report which isn’t right now accessible with Odoo.


Truly, it’s difficult to pick one from Magento Vs Odoo since everything relies upon the main role and necessities of the business. While Odoo is extraordinary for SMEs searching for a top to bottom ERP arrangement, Magento Website Development Company is centered distinctly around eCommerce capacities. Thus, in case you are prepared to pick one, Folio3 can assist with the arrangement, establishment, and upkeep!

Magento is the market leader with regards to eCommerce. It has many things making it work – a strong and stable platform, SEO, tremendous community support offering different extensions, themes, management, and so on So if you just have to set up a web-based store where you needn’t bother with a ton of reconciliations with other business applications, then, at that point, Hire Magento Developers.


Q. How Is Magento Better Than Odoo?

Magento is a superior answer for eCommerce organizations given the high-level reinforcement arrangements. For example, it can deal with requests management, product management, and client management.

Q. Is Magento Cheaper Than Odoo?

No, Odoo is less expensive since it costs around $150 for a year, while paid Magento variants will cost more than $20,000 for a year. Notwithstanding, there is a distinction between the elements, so gauge your choices.

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