How Popups Can Change The Game For Your Magento E-commerce Store

How Popups Can Change The Game For Your Magento E-commerce Store

E-commerce merchants need to play very smartly if they want to make a mark in the market. The conventional digital marketing techniques are not adequate and they have to go the extra mile to drive conversions on their Magento stores. Popups make one of the innovative strategies that are being used to attract visitor’s attention, engage them with relevant content, and convert them into a customer. Popups refer to the small boxes that suddenly appear on the screen while the user is browsing the website. These have their own share of pros and cons, which have to be considered before availing them as a part of Magento e-commerce development.

How do popups power up e-commerce websites?

A popup is meant to deliver a very strong call-to-action, which may relate to product launch, sale announcements, reminders, or simple greetings to keep the user engaged. It may be time-based, content-based, scroll-based, or associated with the exit intent of the visitor. Popups can be used as an effective e-commerce marketing tool because they are capable of powering up sales in various ways:

1. Boost conversions for the first-time users

Magento stores typically invest in the popup game to offer personalized, time-bound discounts to first-time visitors so that they are enticed to convert to the message.
Bring down cart abandonment: In addition to engaging new customers, these are also capable of re-engaging the existing ones by reminding them about the abandoned carts and even offering personalized discounts for converting them.

2. Increase the average order value

Another benefit of the popup strategy is that it can increase the order value by incentivizing the customers with messages related to offers based on the existing cart values or products.
Gather valuable email addresses: Popups designed to encourage visitors to subscribe to the website’s blog or newsletter serve the purpose of acquiring valuable email addresses of customers to be targeted in the future.

3. Promote seasonal sales and offers

They can also be used as powerful promotional tools by announcing ongoing sales and offers and also offering special discount deals for customers.

4. Optimize landing pages

The most significant use of popups relates to the maximization of revenues and efficiency of the e-commerce marketing campaigns for a Magento store as it optimizes the landing pages to bring in more visitors and convert them too.

Do popups have a downside too?

While the benefits of the popup strategy are immense, they have a flip side too. Here are some reasons that they should be used with restraint:

1. Too many of them can be irritating

Excessive use of popups on a Magento store can be extremely irritating and may actually drive the users to exit the site rather than stay on.

2. Performance issues

The script-heavy popups may bring adverse performance issues for the site and slow down the page loading speed. This may ultimately hamper the SEO and conversion rate.


The popup strategy can be extremely impactful but you have to use it in a subtle manner. An expert e-commerce marketing partner can help you create an optimal strategy with relevant messages being delivered at the right point in time. Magento US is an acclaimed Magento agency that offers reliable e-commerce services, right from the development of high-performance online stores and apps to marketing, hosting, maintenance and ongoing Magento support.

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