Seamless Integration of Magento with AngularJS to Enhance Customer Experience

Integration of Magento with AngularJS
Seamless Integration of Magento with AngularJS to Enhance Customer Experience

When it comes to successful and profitable eCommerce platform development, the name of Magento comes at the first place. The open-source, architecturally rich, and features publicly available REST APIs, Magento helps to build a feature-rich and customized online product selling platform. Not to leave behind the successful integration with Magento with AngularJS to deliver better a consumer experience.

In this post, we will be looking at why Magento needs to be integrated with AngularJS, how it works and solving various challenges.

But first of all, let’s first understand what is there that Magento is lacking.

There is no doubt in saying the fact that Magento is highly effective in displaying robust front-end and back-end development capabilities. But somehow it lacks the process to render data in a browser which is a bit old-fashioned.

As a result of this, Magento has to go through a 3-step process to render a particular page. And, Magento store hosts hundreds or thousands of pages having different images, product descriptions, information, and simple to complex design.

Even the 3-way process is as follows:

  • Load the data from the Magento database.
  • The second step is to render the template HTML in the browser along with data fetched from the database.
  • Thirdly, attached the CSS to the HTML and then load JavaScript for any additional element.

This is where Magento lacks in performance and expects to degrade the overall customer experience. And, the solution lies with Magento with AngularJS integration.

The Solution

In order to view the fact that the front-end performance of the Magento website gets degraded overtime over and the issue of slow loading of data. The solution lies with outsourcing the layer presentation and bypassing the default template engine of Magento.

It is now possible to utilize the JavaScript-based MVC framework like AngularJS to create fast user interfaces that allow Magento to fetch data from web services load the same within views.

What is AngularJS and How it Helps the Magento Platform?

AngularJS is an MVC JavaScript framework that helps to enhance the MVC so that it can be properly used to develop single-page web application.

This framework helps the Magento platform to serve as a template to index the web pages to the browser and applies the data to the template dynamically. In short, Magento with AngularJS helps in fast rendering the website and showcase the best results in the browser to enhance the overall customer experience.

Using this framework with Magento will no longer need the traditional cycle of customers going to the homepage>>category page>>product page>>basket>>checkout process flow. Instead of all this, AngularJS integrated with the Magento platform allows different views of the Angular template to decrease the loading time and enhancing the user experience to an optimum extent.

How Magento Works with AngularJS?

If you want to know Magento works with AngularJS, then have a look at the segments of the application flow:

  • Views: It handles the presentation layer and developers create different components where the data is loaded through the Magento web services.
  • Controller: It acts as the brain of the application code. This is the place where skilled developers create the logic of the program. In simple understanding, the controller manages both Views and Models and keep them well synchronized for data GET and POST requests.
  • Modals: It handles the varied database queries to retrieve, edit, or delete the data.

Wrapping Up

Enhancing the user experience has become more prominent with the usage of headless Magento. The evolution of the JavaScript MVC framework with AngularJS brings the option of quickly downloading separate web pages in a fraction of seconds. Get in touch with us and hire Magento developers to speed up the functionality of your Magento eCommerce store with seamless integration and implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source and popular eCommerce platform that has an advanced set of features, functionalities, and scalability to achieve diverse business objectives. From large, medium to small companies, Magento store is an apt choice to develop a profit-oriented eCommerce website.

How AngularJS Helps Magento?

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC architecture that helps to develop interactive single-page application and the front-end. When integrating with Magento, AngularJS helps to create separate web pages and reduce the loading time to enrich the overall user experience.

What is the Price of Integrating Magento with AngularJS?

The estimated price of Magento with AngularJS integration is based on the number of web pages, data, size of the business, and other complexities inside. Our team of experts gets in touch with you to integrate the same cost-effectively.

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