Simple Guide to Launch A Profitable Email Marketing Campaign on Magento Store

Simple Guide to Launch A Profitable Email Marketing Campaign on Magento Store
Simple Guide to Launch A Profitable Email Marketing Campaign on Magento Store

The eCommerce business is thriving like never before. Ever since the pandemic situation struck the business market, the retail sector evolves at a lightning speed. A majority of traditional retail stores adopted the profitable model of eCommerce websites to enhance sales patterns, reach new customers, and increase business ROI. In the midst of this,  leveraging the power of email marketing has become a primary concern for many online retailers.

In today’s complex business environment, it is difficult to reach new potential customers than to maintain the flow of already existing ones. It is a smart business practice for enterprises to retail existing customers using the power of email marketing while maintaining the efficiency of their Magento online store. 

In this blog, we will be looking at the detailed view to start a successful email marketing campaign using the assistance of Magento support services. Also, we discuss here how to measure the success of a strategic email campaign using several metrics.

Things to Consider Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

1. Establish your Goal

Every marketing campaign has a specific purpose or outcome you want to achieve. It could be like generating 100 leads in a week or a month, adding a substantial number of new subscribers, selling a number of products, or it could be anything. Remember a clear marketing purpose in mind allows you to create strategic content, design, and other terms & conditions to achieve the desired objectives. Similarly, your emails should be object-oriented with having your goal be decided well in advance.

2. Create your Recipient List

Another important aspect of a successful email campaign is sending strategic emails to potential customers. It should be sent to anyone without having the desired objective to stay in touch with your brand. To obtain the recipient’s list, better to take valuable data from the customers who already have bought products from your Magento store. This is the existing customer list that you can retarget by sending interactive emails.

3. Target the Right Prospective Customers

Once you finalize your recipient list of people, the next step is to segment them on the basis of the following:

  • Location and time zones.
  • Type of customers i.e. regular or one-time.
  • Subscriber’s engagement level.

After you segment your sender’s, then start sending prospective email to individual people.

4. Focus on the Email Frequency

Shooting marketing emails to customers daily decrease your chances of conversion and even decrease the open and click rate. Nobody wants tons of emails from the same brand so frequently. You have to focus on the strategic time and selected days to send well-framed emails. As per the study, it has been observed that marketing emails sent in the middle of the week and the middle of the days have high conversion rates.

5. Optimize your Template

With the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablets, a majority of users like to access email on their small devices. So, you have to make sure the email design is optimized according to a varying range of devices.

Another thing to consider is writing an attention-grabbing subject line. It is the primary point for grabbing the user’s attention whether to open an email or not.

Most of the time marketing emails go into SPAM folders and never find the day to get open. So, to avoid this, check your HTML code that should be perfect enough to increase the email open rate.

Steps to Automate Email Campaign on Magento Platform

1. Creating customized email templates is simple with the Magento eCommerce platform. You can select and edit any of the pre-built email templates to make

  • Magento_Checkout
  • Magento_Customer
  • Magento_Contact
  • Magento_Directory
  • Magento_Email
  • Magento_Newsletter
  • Magento_Wishlist

2. Automate Follow Up Emails

Users can automate follow-up emails in Magento online store that helps to trigger customers to create a necessary action. For example, when a new user creates an account on your Magento store, then send an automated welcoming email offering a special discount on new products or first purchase. Doing this will increase your conversion rate to a maximum extent.

To automate emails, you can use Amnesty Follow Up Email extension and create strategic emails based on the following few triggers.

  • Order Status
  • Previous Orders
  • Wishlist
  • Customer Activity

3. Abandoned Cart Email Plugin

You must be having an abandoned cart rate percentage that showcases how much percentage of customers have added the products but did not purchase them. Now, you can use the Abandoned Cart Email plugin to send emails to customers who have left your store without buying anything. Such emails remind them to make the final purchase along with availing of special discounts and deals.

Key Metrics to Measure Email Campaign

The success of your eCommerce email marketing campaign depends on several key factors including delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate, and more. It is essential for you to check each key metric to witness the success of your marketing strategy.

1. Delivery Rate: This metric measures the delivery rate of emails to respective recipients.

2. Bounce Rate: It refers to the percentage rates of emails that could not be delivered to the invalid email address or server-side problem.

3. Click Rate: This metrics measures the rate of people who clicked on your email and completed the desired Call to Action.

4. Sharing & Forwarding Rate: This rate signifies the number of people who have opened the email, liked it, and share the content on social media platforms for other people around. It showcases the fact that recipients are interested in your brand and offered products/services.

5. Conversion Rate: The rate at which a number of customers take the necessary action on email to open it and make a final purchase, indicates the conversion rate. Remember the fact that there is a difference between conversion and open rate.

6. List Growth Rate: Another metric to take into consideration is the email list growth rate. It is best witnessed by looking at how many subscribers have increased since the time you sent the last email.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing for an eCommerce business is a reliable means to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. In addition to successful Magento eCommerce solutions for your retail brand, you can also implement a profit-oriented email campaign strategy to generate more leads and increase business profit.

Get in touch with the professionals at Magento Developer Group to implement a profitable email marketing process. Rely on this pioneer Magento 2 development company to start or optimize your retail store.

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Magento Platform?

Magento is an open-source and powerful eCommerce platform best recommended by large, medium to small enterprises. Develop a profitable eCommerce store on the Magento platform to infuse a wide range of functionalities including a successful email marketing campaign.

2. How Effective is the Email Marketing Campaign on Magento?

Starting an email marketing campaign on the Magento store is profitable to reach an existing range of customers via personalized emails and encourage them to buy more from your website. On the other side, reach new prospective users to convert them into potential customers.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Develop Magento eCommerce Store?

The time frame of developing Magento online store depends on the business requirements in terms of the number of features, types of functionalities, extensions, plugins, and another level of customization. Once, all such factors are taken into consideration, then the timeline will be decided.

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