The Points To Tick Before You Launch Your Magento Website

The Points To Tick Before You Launch Your Magento Website
      The Magento developers carry out a lot of task in developing a website for months together. Once, the development and testing process is over, the next step would be obviously the launch of the website. Though the website may look complete, it is wise to look into certain details again for a successful launch. These are some of the pre-launch things to be checked while launching the website.

    • HTML Head :Change the title, review the keywords, meta description and keep the website ready for SEO. Update the URLs to prevent referring back to the staging site.
    • Have the right store information : Keep the e-mail address up-to-date by making the necessary changes.
    • Product Placeholder Images : The Magento possess default placeholder for the pictures. As the product placeholder will be shown by default, one has to update the products and the catalogues.
    • Set the Admin URL : It is secure to have a separate URL for the admin panel. Further, one may protect the store with a strong username and the password.
    • Recheck taxation : The proprietor must recheck the tax percentage chosen for a selected product as per the region, state or the country of the prospective customer.
    • The layout of 404 error page : one may rightly use the 404 error page by editing the layout of the page and uploading some categories.
    • Configuration of emails : The use of sole logo instead of default ones facilitates the sorting of e-mails.
    • E-mail passwords : It is plausible to confirm the e-mail account by transaction email and restore the password with a holding text (“*******”).
    • Javascript in one file : Reduce the web page loading time by limiting the HTTP amount requests.
    • Logo in invoice : It is mandatory to have the logo in the invoices.
    • Revive caching : Enable and review the disabled caching before the launch of the website.
    • Ensure payment gateway : The payment gateway must be changed to live from testing to prevent monetary losses.
    • Clear logs : Keep the logs clean by removing the frequently used logs.

Though, these points appear to be simple, it is basic and creates an impact when the website is live. Thus, one has to be cautious before the launch of a Magento website.

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