Top Most Innovative Trends of Magento E-commerce Development for 2020

Trends of Magento E-commerce Development for 2020
Top Most Innovative Trends of Magento E-commerce Development for 2020

Magento’s popularity in the E-commerce industry in unbeatable and it’s magic never fails to impress. The reason behind such great feedback is the constant improvement and innovative features. The platform continues to deliver the most flexible ways to build online stores with simple variants for implementing complex themes.

Magento powers over 1.5 billion websites and it is not a small figure to ignore. It is important to know the latest updates and trends of Magento to build an engaging E-commerce store. Shopping websites are gaining huge momentum from the last few years, this has increased the demand for Magento 2 development agencies. They offer amazing services, stellar support, and smooth user experience among other things. So, if you are planning to start your E-commerce venture or looking to customize the store as per the latest trends it is the perfect time to start. Today, in this blog we will have a look at the latest Magento trends that can help you get the desired results for your website.

Latest Trends For E-commerce Development

Artificial Intelligence
AI is an emerging technology but has already made its impact on some real-world applications. Considering the level of technology, people demand personalization in everything. People interact most with devices that converse with them and address their issues properly. With Artificial Intelligence, E-commerce brands are now targeting customers as per their choices and offering them a personalized shopping experience. AI technology is not only improving the shopping approach for customers but also recommend products based on their choices and shopping patterns. Hence, keep up with the technology’s pace and integrate AI into your Magento store in the year 2020.

Push Notifications
Pop-ups and push notifications are a perfect approach to grow your user base. It is a great technique to send personalized texts to a specific group of customers and potential clients. Studies have revealed that brands using push notifications are enjoying higher sales. You can hire Magento developers to get an idea and integrate push notifications to engage your target audience. Decide when and how frequently you should send notifications for user engagement.

High-Quality Images
No matter how engaging and smooth your website navigation may be, you cannot generate positive results without quality content and product images. Thus, it is crucial to create user-centric content to boost your conversion rate. You can add 360-degree images of your products or hire a professional photographer to click images from multiple angles to help the interested buyers know what it exactly looks like. You can also use product videos to improve your online sales.

Mobile Friendly
People prefer shopping on their mobile devices while they are on the go. Thus, several E-commerce stores are looking forward to Magento app Development to target mobile users. More importantly, the real approach which companies follow is to expand their online marketing plans to target a wider audience. That is why mobile-responsive is the most significant feature today to capture the success with their web applications.

Mobile-responsive pages are fast in loading and this is an important benefit to E-commerce vendors. Magento CMS has features to make their platforms mobile-friendly. Hence, it provides a seamless experience to the customers to shop anytime and anywhere. It is actually worth mentioning that mobile users are particularly impatient and look for instant results. With this Magento trend, you can engage users easily to make purchases from anywhere, anytime.

Better Interaction
Most of the time, people prefer websites that are simple and catch their eye because of its innovative structure. With Magento CMS, you can easily ensure your online stores offer the most amazing experience to the new users. It is quite important to ensure that customers feel valued and special, as well as experience good treatment. The most significant method of collecting customer information include shopping habits, feedbacks and provide them product suggestions, promotion coupons, discounts, and several more, whenever a user land on your E-commerce store.
These are some of the popular trends of the Magento E-commerce industry that will have a huge impact in 2020 and in the near future.

Wrapping Up:

It does not matter what challenges or the technologies are impacting the market, Magento will always integrate them all. The open-source and innovative features of Magento enable business enterprises to integrate them and improve their overall sales online. So if you want to boost sales with amazing features, consult developers of a reputed Magento development company and integrate these trends today for 2020. Share your requirements with the development team and get the best E-commerce website developed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future of Magento E-commerce?

E-commerce industry shows that trending technologies and customer demands will help to grow sales and ROI. Trending technologies as discussed above will completely change the look & feel of the E-commerce industry.

What is the scope of E-commerce?

Electronic commerce is the marketing, buying, and selling of products through the internet. It includes the complete scope of online selling of products and services from beginning to end.

What are the goals of E-commerce?

  • Provide shoppers a personalized experience
  • Increase relevant traffic
  • Boost sales, revenue & ROI
  • Partner with influencers

Is E-commerce a profitable business?

Yes, E-commerce is profitable if proper technologies and trends are integrated to engage shoppers. E-commerce is growing at a rapid pace. A lot of suppliers prefer to open stores on E-commerce platforms. They operate there and earn profits, as well as grow business through their services.

Is Dropshipping beneficial?

The advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to store products that you are looking to sell. This is because you don’t have to buy the product until your customer orders and is the real benefit of dropshipping. It helps you to avoid taking any investment risk regarding buying products that don’t sell and make you money.

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