Ultimate Guide to Choose Magento 2 Hosting Provider

Ultimate Guide to Choose Magento 2 Hosting Provider

Magento does require any introduction if you belong to eCommerce.

Even if you are new to virtual retail, it will be simple to know the widespread acceptance of this popular CMS.

More than 10k eCommerce platforms are running on Magento including popular brands like Pepe Jeans, Christian Louboutin, Paul Smith, Caskers, and more.

Several enterprises choose Magento over other CMS’s owing to its powerful features, flexibility, and scalability.

Despite that, the major roadblock appears at the time of selecting the ideal hosting provider. It is because Magento requires robust and powerful infrastructure to run distinctive operations smoothly.

So, you need a reliable hosting provider to build a stand out platform with the help of a pioneer Magento Development company in India.

This is exactly, what we are going to help you i.e. choosing the ideal Magento hosting provider by following essential tips & tricks.

Thus, let’s dive in fast.

Refer to the following list of points to decide the best Magento Hosting.

* What Makes you Select the Best Magento Hosting?

* Different Types of Magento Hosting Solutions

* Criteria to Choose Hosting Provider

* Useful Tips to Get the Right Magento Hosting Provider

* Concluding Thoughts

* Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes you Select the Best Magento Hosting?

Facing a few Magento eCommerce platform issues could be due to a weak hosting service. There might be instances of you facing a few challenges while operating your retail platform.

1. Degraded & Slow Performance: A best performing Magento-based eCommerce website takes less than 3 seconds to load particular web pages. If it takes more than that, then you might be having a serious hosting issue. Because of that, there might be a hosting limit on your platform that results in downgrading the site’s performance.

2. Limited Storage Space: A majority of eCommerce players built a feature-rich Magento platform with dynamic usability in mind. It requires increasing the storage size of the platform accordingly. In case, if it fails to do the same, then also you need to upgrade your hosting service or even change the hosting provider.

3. No Scalability: Your current hosting provider must provide scalability assistance to handle a sudden spike in traffic. In case, it fails, then there arises the need for a powerful hosting provider that offers optimum scalability.

It could be due to the above challenges, you find the urgent need to choose a reliable Magento hosting provider.

In the upcoming sections, we let you know of different hosting solutions and tips to choose the best one for you.

Different Types of Magento Hosting Solutions

For selecting the best Magento hosting for your eCommerce store, you first need to look at the different options mentioned below.

1. Shared Web Hosting

For those who have just started with eCommerce or even small retail enterprises, shared web hosting is the best bet. Simplest and cost-effective among all, shared web hosting offers shared resources with other websites in terms of Bandwidth, Storage, RAM, and CPU.

Features of Shared Web Hosting

* It is an affordable web hosting plan for the Magento platform.

* It offers a free SSL certificate and 24/7 assistance.

* Limited data storage for small websites.

* Decent website speed for platforms having fewer orders & a small customer base.

2. Dedicated Web Hosting

If you need a responsible Magento based hosting plan separately for your platform, then dedicated web hosting is the one to go for.

You can rent this hosting for your retail enterprise without sharing the server with other websites. Thus, you will be solely responsible for managing the hosting’s security, management, and control.

Features of Dedicated Web Hosting

* Quite an expensive web hosting plan as compared to a shared one.

* Get all the resources you need to scale up your platform requirements.

* Need high-level technical assistance to manage a dedicated web hosting plan.

* Best for large scale retail enterprises.

3. Cloud Hosting

One of the cost-effective and reliable web hosting solutions is a Cloud-based server. Under this, you need not rent a part of resources at any of the physical servers. Instead, get virtual server accessibility with the aid of Magento Cloud hosting services affordably and virtually. This type of Magento web hosting solution is cost-effective, reduces the latency rate, and brings several opportunities to grow.

4. VPS Hosting

VPS is a Virtual Private Server hosting plan, which is like an extended and upgraded version of shared hosting. Using this type of Magento web hosting, you will get the benefits of both dedicated and shared services. It means you have to share the server with other websites. However, you still have private access to RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and more.

Features of VPS Hosting

* High level of bandwidth limit.

* Private accessibility towards storage options.

* Flexibility to change configurations in the virtual space.

* Optimum level of flexibility and scalability.

* Best web hosting plan for medium-level eCommerce enterprises.

Criteria to Choose Hosting Provider

Now, we come to the point of discussing steps you need to follow while choosing the best web hosting option. Here, we have mentioned a few areas to pay attention to.

1. Security Issue: Security is of major concern while running an eCommerce website. As you are already aware of the fact that, processing personal information and sharing financial data is a part of the eCommerce process. Therefore, you should not completely rely on shared hosting, which is the least secured option.

2. Frequency of Downtime: Reliability is a major factor taken into consideration while selecting an ideal hosting provider. One best way of doing that is checking the frequency of downtime on particular hosting and then making a final decision.

3. Performance Issues: It is an important consideration for eCommerce players to choose the best performing web hosting plan. It helps deal with a higher amount of resources and an optimum level of performance.

4. Number of Products & Types: Look at the specifications of web hosting as to how many SKUs and products will be there to manage seamlessly.

5. Majority of Traffic Source: Your ideal web hosting solutions should provide assistance in knowing the major source of the increased traffic.

6. Managed or Unmanaged Hosting: Make a better choice with a Managed hosting plan that helps technically maintain the site and add resources to drive traffic & improve performance.

Useful Tips to Get the Right Magento Hosting Provider

Certainly, you get connected with a reliable Magento hosting provider for selecting the best option. Here also, you need to consider a few factors to select a profitable web hosting to increase your product sales patterns.

1. Reputation of Provider: You should always pick a reliable Magento hosting provider having a successful track record of optimum performance.

2. Speed: It Better is to find particular sites running on your select web hosting provider to check the overall performance and speed.

3. Caching Efficiency: Check if the websites powered by particular web hosting provide caches on time or not. It helps to know the overall speed and efficiency of the platform.

4. Support: Make sure the fact that the selected Magento hosting provider offers an optimum level of support during any emergency.

Concluding Thoughts

Magento website speed, performance, optimum storage space, and robust infrastructure are essential factors to see profit ahead. Follow a comprehensive strategy to select a reliable Magento web hosting service provider to develop your site to its fullest potential.

Get to know more about Magento web development and avail reliable assistance from Magento Developer Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do I Need Hosting for Magento Platform?

In general, you have to download and install Magento on your system that comes packed with shared hosting to manage the eCommerce store. However, shared hosting is usually not a performance-driven option and lacks the capability to scale-up high. Therefore, you need powerful, reliable, and secure web hosting.

2. What are the Benefits of Magento Hosting?

There are several advantages of availing of Magento web hosting.

* Get an optimum level of specialist support.

* Secure and high-performing operational assistance.

* Continuous monitoring to identify issues & troubleshoot.

* Enhanced security to prevent suspectable cyberattacks.

* Optimum level of performance and speed.

3. What is Magento Cloud Server?

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is a platform-as-a-service offering available for eCommerce players to deploy their website. It includes essential features like scalable performance, flexibility, customization, and more.

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