Why You Must Invest in Magento Extensions?

Invest in Magento Extensions
Why You Must Invest in Magento Extensions?

The E-Commerce sector is growing rapidly as there are more than 24 million eCommerce websites as of today in 2020. The E-Commerce industry’s global revenue is expected to grow over 6$6 Trillion by the year 2022. Only in the US, the market has observed a $54.6 billion revenue growth, increasing the total revenue to $600 Billion. Growth in this particular sector is pretty much exponential. Success in the Online Retail sector completely depends on the level of user-experience you offer to your consumers. Either develop the platform by yourself or with the help of Magento developers, it is important to deliver an exceptional and seamless shopping experience. To achieve this, Magento 2 development services are offering several types of services that will help you in integrating excellent functionalities.

Magento Extension Development is one such service that’s offered by Magento Developers that allows you to integrate great functionalities in your Online retail platform. Still, most of the merchants and companies are skeptical about investing in Magento Extensions. We’re here today to resolve this issue once and for all, by listing reasons why one should not think much about investing in Magento Extensions. Let’s get on with it then:

Reasons Why investment in Magento Extensions is not all bad?

Inventory Management

Inventory management is the most important aspect of an eCommerce website, as it is important for an e-seller to keep a track of their products and it’s availability and ensures that they don’t run out of stock. Magento Extensions are the solution that makes it easier for merchants to keep a track of such things by allowing services such as Product Inventory, multi-site support, and more. It also allows the e-seller to manage orders and sales that are not available in the core Magento CMS.

Backend Efficiency

It is an important yet typical process for merchants to manage the backend functionalities of an eCommerce platform. Magento Extension Developers have created such solutions that can keep track and notify you with the data like the Sales Reports, account details, reviews, and many more, taking care of all the backend functionalities while you focus more on important tasks such as enhancing the user experience to increase engagement. Furthermore, these extensions are highly compatible with the latest devices allowing merchants to receive reports on their smartphones via push notifications.

Delivery and Tracking

Delivery and tracking is the most important aspect of an eCommerce website as this is the basic function on which the whole Online Shopping model is built. Consumers wait for their desired products to be delivered on time and if not delivered, your engagement will take a huge hit both in numbers and in reputation. To overcome such instances, you can use certain extensions that let you ensure the timely delivery of the products. Moreover, it also gives you the power to set a specific time for delivery and date based on customers’ location so that it can be displayed along with the product price.

Enhanced Reach

Audience reach is important, the more traffic you receive on your website, the more business will boom. Increasing your targeted audience reach is a tough task and can be achieved with the help of different types of extensions, for example, there are some extensions that lets you optimize your website for SEO purposes to rank your platform higher on SERPs. Some extensions allow you to present your website to a different set of users globally by offering multi-lingual support, destroying the language barriers.

Scalability and Performance Enhancement 

With the latest Magento 2.4 update from Magento Community, they have already enhanced the core speed of the platform. The speed and performance of the Magento 2 platform are much better than its predecessor, Magento 1. On top of that, using extensions that enhance the scalability and performance is the cherry on the cake for merchants. Some factors that enhance the scalability of the platform are:

  • Increases the order processing speed by 30%
  • Increased efficiency due to the platform’s flexibility during the peak time
  • Enhanced response time from the server
  • Optimized backend functionalities

Wrapping Up

Designing a platform alone on the Magento Core platform is going to take a lot of time and money and requires exceptional programming skills. However, with Magento Extensions, it can be achieved in one click. It’s easy to install and use these extensions without any professional help as they also come with a user manual for beginners to experts.

Confused which extensions are better for your platform. Get in touch with experts at Magento developer’s Group, that offers guidance, Magento extensions development, and Magento Upgrade services. We’ll be glad to assist you with the selection process and also guide you on how to increase your traffic over your website.

Frequently Asked Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Magento Extensions?

Magento extensions are powerful tools that are offered via Magento Marketplace and allow users to integrate new functionalities within their platform.

Q2. Are these Extensions free or paid?

It depends on the service provider and the type of service. Most of the Magento extensions are free of cost at first, where they offer a part of their service for free and charge you for extra services.

Q3. Is it possible to create a Magento Extension?

Magento Extensions are developed by professionals and it is a tedious task. However, creating your own custom Magento Extensions is a better idea to scale your website by fulfilling your specific requirements.

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