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Empower your e-commerce store with the most amazing features that Magento 2 offers. Avail the benefits of high performance, greater scalability, and better shopping experiences.

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E commerce development with Magento

Take Your e-Commerce Store to The Next Level With Magento 2 Development

Magento, with its rich features and advanced functionalities, has emerged as one of the preferred e-commerce platforms. Another reason for its popularity is that it is constantly engaged in making efforts for improving itself. Its latest version, Magento 2 has ushered in a new revolution for business websites. If you are looking to avail the benefits of speed, security, and scalability for your e-commerce website, it is the best solution for you. So the next feasible move would be to choose this platform for creating a new online store or move an existing one to the advanced version. At Magento Developer Group, we create high-performance Magento 2 websites from the scratch or help you migrate to the upgraded version.

Power Up Your Business With Magento 2 Features


Flexible Architecture

Magento 2 has a flexible, component-based structure of modules which makes it possible to build fast-to-market stores. The modular code base enables customization that makes the version ideal to meet the specific needs of merchants.


Enhanced Speed And Performance

Speed and performance have always been the major pitfalls for Magento. But this issue has been overcome with the revised version, which runs 20% faster than its predecessor. Faster speed translates into higher conversions and more sales.


Greater Scalability

The version comes with inbuilt full page caching. Additionally, the server-side support for Varnish 4, static content caching, compatibility with HipHop Virtual Machine, and image compression make it scalable to the core.


Quicker Checkout Process

Magento 2 has facilitated a quicker and simpler checkout process that makes online shopping a compelling experience. It enables guest checkout, which boosts the conversion rate and lowers the cart abandonment rate for your store.


Customizable Admin Interface

A customized admin interface that can be easily used by multiple admin users is another spacial feature of the new version. The admin panel is touch-screen friendly and has a drag-and-drop layout, making it easy to manage and customize.


Responsive Design

Magento 2 is empowered with fully responsive design which enables the creation of websites that customers can view and enjoy seamless user experiences irrespective of the device and platform they use to access them.


Database Improvement

It brings standalone database which simplifies concurrent order management. With an upgrade, it becomes possible for multiple users to check out simultaneously and multiple admin profiles to process orders in the backend.


Fast Product Export/Import

The version allows the import of a large number of records in minutes, without the need to wait at the checkout time or at the back office. Similarly, products can be uploaded without having to spend hours for the completion of the process.

Magento 2 Development Services We Offer

At Magento Developer Group, we bring end-to-end solutions for development as well as migration to the advanced version of the platform. Whether you want a new store built from the scratch or want to take the existing one to the new version, we can assist you.


Magento 2 Development

Avail our extensive expertise in Magento 2 to unleash the unlimited potential of this advanced version by getting your new e-commerce store developed on it, starting from the scratch.


Magento 2 Theme Design

An expert team of seasoned Magento 2 theme designers will ensure pixel-perfect conversion of your designs. We design custom Magento 2 themes that render amazing look and feel for your website.


Magento 2 Customization

Make your Magento 2 website match your needs, tailored with the features that you want it to have. Our Magento 2 customization services fits your online store into the right parameters as per your business objectives.


Magento Upgrade

We assist you in upgrading from any previous version Magento 2 for getting access to the advanced features that it provides. Make a seamless move to the latest version with expert professionals by your side.


Magento 2 Migration

If you wish to migrate from your existing e-commerce platform to Magento 2, we can facilitate it for you. We migrate the store’s data seamlessly and keep it secure while ensuring efficiency at the


Magento 2 Extension Development

If you want to enhance the features of your existing Magento store or enrich its appearance, we can help. We offer custom extensions that match the requirements of your Magento 2 website.


Magento 2 Mobile App Development

We offer a end-to-end solution for building mobile apps for your Magento store. We develop visually appealing, user-friendly, and feature-rich Magento 2 Mobile Apps for iOS and Android platforms.


Magento 2 Maintenance

Beyond developing or upgrading your Magento store to Magento 2, we extend 24×7 support services for its maintenance. We address your challenges and resolve all the issues at the earliest.

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E commerce development with Magento

Why Choose Us For Magento 2 Development?

We give you a myriad of reasons to choose us for Magento 2 development services.

  • End-to-end solutions covering every aspect of development and upgrade
  • A seasoned team of qualified and experienced Magento developers
  • Quick turnaround time and delivery of projects within deadlines
  • Test friendly environment that assures quality deliverables
  • Excellent track record with numerous successful projects delivered
  • Assurance of adherence to stringent quality standards
  • Round-the-clock professional support that you can rely on
  • Hassle-free and seamless process and communication
  • Personalized services that match the requirements of the clients
  • Cost-effective solutions and competitive pricing
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