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Get 10X Faster website and a better User Experience after

According to Google, more than 50% of users leave your website if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. Low loading speed on your website can prove to be a roadblock for your business. This not only harms your User Experience but also damages your website’s ranking. Magento Developer Group, a leading Magento Development Service Provider, helps you in outrun this issue with exceptional service of Magento 2 Speed Optimization.

Our developers understand the extent of damages a low-speed website possesses on your business and through a systemic process analyze your eCommerce store, and implement the necessary optimization techniques for enhanced website performance. For better performance, it’s better to hand over the optimization part to the professionals(us), while you focus more on your product’s important service.

Magento 2 Speed Optimization Services

Our team of experienced developers tries to offer a Comprehensive Range of Magento 2 Speed Optimization Services that make your Business Website load 10X faster for your Customers

Full Page Caching

Enabling Full Page Cache, in Magento, speeds up the process of page loading response time. A full-page caching stores the page data after one visit and takes much less time loading in the browser.


Our team of developers uses Alternative PHP Cache to offer a robust and flexible framework for caching the PHP codes.

CSS and JS Merging and Minifying

Enabling CSS and JS minifying and merging in production mode to improve the performance of your store and to keep your store up-to-date with the latest standards.

Redis Server

An advanced database server for backend storage that supports frequently asked questions in the cache for consumers. It also offers multiple database usage and eviction control for Magento server optimization

Image Optimization

Images and other media files are the main reason for a slow website, yet high-quality media attract users more to your store. We optimize the media files on your website by minimizing their size without affecting the image quality to give you a pixel-perfect solution

MYSQL Optimization

Optimizing SQL queries by going through them one by one to remove all the bugs in the code, improving the performance by 65%. Fast execution of SQL queries directly affects the page loading speed.

Benefits of Speed Optimization

Reduce the abandoned shopping carts

Improved Sales

Creates retention of customers as a faster website compel the user to visit the store again and again

Optimizing sales and conversions

User Experience

Improved User Experience without affecting the media quality attracts more and more user

Brings more customer traffic on the website

Improved SEO

Continuous increase in traffic and optimized web pages helps in improving your store’s ranking on search engines.

Smart Check


Optimizing Speed offers a Fast Website eventually increasing the conversion rate. A 1% delay in loading can reduce the conversion rate to up to 7%

Our Approach and Why Choose Us

Understanding the Store

Our team will get in touch with clients to understand the functionality and requirement of the client’s store to create a perfect optimization approach

Analyzing the Components

Analyzing the complete website includes auditing the codebase, all the third-party extensions, checking server configuration and logs, security patches, etc.

Applying Optimization

Implementing optimization techniques step by step to enhance the performance as well as to make sure that changes don’t affect the core functionalities

Database Optimization

Going through all the SQL queries, and optimizing them to make sure the queries are executed faster

Reviewing Optimization

Auditing the Website Speed Optimization before the final handover to ensure optimization is not affecting the store features and to check if anything more can be done

Support and Maintenance

Even after final deployment, Our team of experts will be available for support and maintenance to keep your store updated and glitch-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to fully optimize a website?

The time of optimization completely depends on the project’s complexity and functionalities. Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to optimize a website.

Q. Do you help in optimizing loading time if the product catalog is more than thousands?

Yes! Our developers are capable of digging deep into the code base of a website to find out the problem. Most of the time it is due to the third-party extensions working in the background on your website.

Q. Are you going to reduce the contents of the website?

No, We’re not going to reduce any content from the website, in fact, we’ll offer the service of curating your existing content more But if required we’ll suggest some type of optimization for better results.

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