Rapid Transformation in Digital Commerce And Lessons to Learn

Rapid Transformation in Digital Commerce And Lessons to Learn
Rapid Transformation in Digital Commerce And Lessons to Learn

In 2020, life changed overnight. It changed every facet of our daily life. The way people eat, talk, shop, and even work has undergone a drastic transformation. The same goes with digital commerce that witnessed a dramatic rise that no one has ever expected for. At present, more than 69% of the shoppers prefer to shop online and the number will rise in coming years.

The increasing penetration in the digital commerce sector is due to offering a convenient shopping experience to customers. More and more smartphone users prefer shopping digitally while on the go. Not just this only, an increasing number of retailers transformed the brick and mortar model into eCommerce while accessing the benefits of Magento eCommerce development services.

Based on the revolutionary change in the eCommerce sector, especially since 2020, there are few alarming lessons you can learn to grow higher.

Digital Commerce Learnings to Focus Upon

1. Focus on Page Loading Speed to Increase Conversion

Shoppers have increasing reliability over online shopping modules to order anything and at any point in time. It means they have less tolerance for a slow-loading webpage. If it does, then there are high chances that users will abandon your eCommerce website and reach your competitor. It’s a learning lesson for you to increase emphasis on the overall speed of the web pages.

Just remember the fact that slow-loading pages will not only keep customers away from your platform. But also affect the website’s Google ranking and search traffic to a great extent. As per the benchmark of Google, if a digital commerce platform page takes more than three seconds to download, then the customer will not stay any longer.

2. Mobile App Shopping Will Continue to Dominate

Magento mobile apps are at the forefront of maximum online product shopping. The truth of the matter is that 60% of the eCommerce traffic comes from mobile and 40% shop via small devices. Also, mobile spending will account for an increase to more than 50% at the end of 2022. Thus, smartphone apps will continue to make the dominance felt in the coming years.

The learning factor is to focus on increasing page loading speed, making small text & images zoom in & out, preventing clutter on mobile, and maximizing functionality on small devices.

3. Curbside and In-Store Pick Will Grow More

In 2020, the demand for curbside pickup extended to an optimum extend and it will see its rising growth in 2021 as well. Many grocery stores have adopted the functionality of serving online buyers with an in-store pickup facility. As of August 2020, 43.7% of the retailers witnessed a sharp increase from 6.9% at the end of 2019 towards the in-store pickup facility. The rising trend will continue to dominate this year as more and more retailers start initializing this facility of receiving deliveries at the store.

4. Penetration of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) have started a revolution in the digital commerce businesses. More and more online buyers are inclined towards a personalized experience that will continue to gain from the advanced technologies.

AI offers favorable product recommendations, enables voice search, brings Chatbot support, and more. On the other side, the support of Augmented Reality brings store in real-life virtual environments. It enables the customers to try clothes using a virtual dressing room, look into the virtual mirror, experience showroom setting under a virtual setup, and more.

You can enhance the functionality of your website with build-in AI and AR technologies after you hire Magento developer support.

5. B2B Should Start Selling Online

There is no doubt in the fact that the B2C model of business witnessed a tremendous hike during the pandemic. However, the B2B sector still has not got its due share of profit while confined to offline medium only. Now, the time is to embrace the digital selling solutions that offer new and flexible selling models, open new opportunities for small vendors, build a marketplace for resellers, reach small businesses, and increase overall profit.

In fact, 89% of the B2B businesses claimed the fact that they will continue with the digital commerce trend in 2021 and the time ahead. Thus, adopt the growing virtues of the online product selling model to go higher, prevent getting affected by any pandemic, and continue to run operations flexibly.

Wrapping Up

Build, engage, and update your eCommerce business taking lessons from 2020 and head towards a growing fortune. Position your brand as the pioneer one fully endowed with advanced functionalities.

If you are looking to develop or migrate your Magento store, then get the rightful assistance at Magento Developer Group. Hire a certified Magento 2 developer to experience easy customization, designing, migration, and maintenance of your eCommerce store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Magento Store the Best eCommerce Platform?

Magento is a top-rated eCommerce platform due to the fact that it offers innumerable features, flexibility to change, agility to perform well, and have customized plugins. All the more important is the open-source nature of this platform that helps to build an online product selling website at no cost.

How to Hire Magento 2 Developer?

Just drop at Magento Developer Group to find an extensive team of Magento 2 developers. We have expert professionals working for us having in-depth knowledge in Magento 2 website development, designing, customization, plugin development, and maintenance.

In How Much Time Magento Store Will be Ready?

There is no strict timeline for developing a full-fledged Magento eCommerce platform. It all depends on the number of features, types of functionalities, size of the enterprise, and other considerations. At Magento Developer Group, we follow the shortest possible time limit to develop a result-oriented Magento store for enterprises of all types and sizes.

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